Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Real Heartbeat of America

Pundits Do Well to Step Back and See the Big Picture

There has been much ink spent over what the 2008 election results mean. This Column by Robert Robb is one of the most thoughtful.

Most Americans don't read publications like City Journal and Jewish World Review, so I suspect they have little more framework to go by than "things are working," or "things aren't working."

Going into the 2008 election, scenario #2 was in play. Thus it was easy to run against the 'status quo' -- that's Latin for 'the mess we're in.' The ecomomy had to be the biggest factor.

Without the Fannie/Freddie/Financial meltdown the War was actually being won, the surge was working. Governor Palin actually was invigorationg moral conservatives and limited government folks as well. The only independents she turned off were probably voting for Senator Obama anyway.

The most important point Robb makes is that the American people probably don't think in complex absolutes. Their intentions are good but they don't have well framed, worldview driven principles to guide them in the complexities of the process. Here I'll blame the so-called 'mainstream media.' Good analysis is hard to find between the soap opra discussion of wardrobe budgets. Now the same people who brought us 'closetgate' are going to tell the Republican Party how to revitalize itself? Hopefully those who create policy will consider the source and ignore it.

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