Monday, December 1, 2008

Ten Big Lies About America

Michael Medved Tells the Truth

Here is a Straightforward Discussion of America's roots by Michael Medved. In a new book the popular author and commentator debunks many of the modern myths that seem so prevelant in our 'politically correct' era.

Among the great lies, the notion that the founders of this Nation envisioned a totally secular country. In fact, early writings of the founders are overflowing with reference to the Almighty and His Providence in the formation of this government. The wisdom of the founders was in avoiding the intermingling of church government with the government of the state. That is where the separation was actually defined. There would be no 'Church of the United States' as there was a 'Church of England.' Interestingly enough, the government did not prohibit the individual states from acknowledging specific churches. The 'free exercise clause' of the First Amendment clearly protects minority religious groups from supression.

A tour of Washington DC quickly reveals a wealth of Biblical references in carved inscriptions on public buildings. The writings and speeches of earlier times are also rich with such wisdom. If America was meant to be free of the influences of faith, you wouldn't know it from studying its beginnings.

Laus Deo
'Laus Deo' is inscribed on the capstone of the Washington Monument.

The National Capitol Visitors Center is scheduled to open tomorrow. This Report from Family Foundation Blog is worth noting. The center's original exibit design ignores the inspiration of faith so evident if you simply walk through the Capitol unguided. This would seem to be an accepted official policy when you consider this: A recently created replica of the Washington Monument Capstone for the National Park Service simply omitted the inscription: 'Laus Deo' that is prominent on the original. Simple accuracy would require otherwise.

Here's a Story by Michelle Malkin about more modern-day censorship. The reader is wise to connect the dots. Why is certain factual reporting supressed?

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