Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day to Pray

Pastor Rick Warren's Inaugural Prayer

He dared to pray "in Jesus' Name" and voiced the sentiments of many of us. Pastor Rick Warren's Inaugural Prayer [click to listen] was a plea for G-d's guidance to us as a nation and particularly for our newly elected leaders. No doubt Barack Obama has studied Abraham Lincoln and how he sought divine wisdom during some of our country's most difficult years.

After the swearing in ceremony, the President dined with members of congress in statuary hall. Two senior senators experienced medical emergencies and many came to their aid, comforted them and prayed for them. Many of us watching at home are praying as well.

Our nation faces many challenges in the days ahead. May we always hold her and her leaders in prayer!

Here is Dr. Albert Mohler's Prayer for President Obama [click to read]

"Christians are, first of all, citizens of a heavenly kingdom. The followers of Christ know no allegiance of ultimate rank to any government or earthly authority. Yet, the Bible clearly teaches that God has given us the gifts of law, government, and ruling authorities for our good. We are instructed to pray for "rulers and all who have authority" and to be faithful in praying "so that we can have quiet and peaceful lives full of worship and respect for God" [1 Timothy 2:2]."

Praying for our leaders is a serious charge. But I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention the 'other' controversial prayers of this inauguration:

Bishop Robinson Prayed to His 'Higher Power' at a pre-inauguration ralley according to Dr. Albert Mohler. Whereas Rick Warren was very specific in who he prayed to, Bishop Robinson sought to avoid saying a "Christian" prayer and instead addressed "The God of our many understandings," a reference he learned from twelve step programs.

"The crisis in the Church of England is that too many of its bishops, and some would say of its archbishops, don't quite realize that they are atheists, but have begun to suspect it." -- Clive James

Rev. Joseph Lowery Offered this Benediction: "black will not be asked to get in back, brown can stick around, yellow will be mellow, red man can get ahead, man, and white will embrace what is right..." It sounded like a sixties style civil rights ralley. He's a great man who marched with Dr. King, but here we are in the Twenty-first Century when an African-American is Commander-in-chief [with the votes of many white people]. I don't think Reverend Lowery was trying to offend -- just offering a little historical perspective from the sixties.

Wintley Phipps
My Hope is in 'Amazing Grace.'
Wintley Phipps is an amazing vocal talent.

The Next Day at the National Prayer Service: Wintley Phipps Sang 'Amazing Grace.' [click to listen] It was a stirring benediction all its own. Phipps begins by humming the melody that invokes the song of slaves John Newton was likely to have been inspired by. The "many dangers, toils and snares" of opression, the work of William Wilberforce, countless unnamed abolitionists and many more have brought us to a point in history where a man of African ancestory may become a world leader.

Here is More Background on 'Amazing Grace' as explained by Wintley Phipps. I love the song. It begins in the lowest history of mankind and carries us to the world of glory foretold in Revelation 21! Wintley Phipps' rendition sends chills down my spine and brings tears to my eyes. It is a powerful performance of a timeless masterpiece by a master artist!

Presidential Limousines

I want to know the mpg of this car.
It looks like a caddie, but the specs
sound more like those of a Bradley
armored vehicle.

Here is a Very Interesting Look at Past Presidential Limousines

The Poem

Here's a Piece on Elizabeth Alexander's Poem from City Journal's Stefan Kanfer.

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