Wednesday, June 9, 2010

PNOVS Operation Vector

Helping to Create a Vision for Veteran Services

Depasquale Delph Gentilhomme Group Architects asked me to illustrate the new center for Premier Network of Veteran Services. Photo by E. Strong.

Operation Vector is will be a community outreach and education event for Veterans, Veterans Families, Veterans Supporters, the Media, and the General Public. We expect hundreds to attend and also expect appearances and remarks by elected officials from The Commonwealth of Virginia. The event is open to ANYONE and we cordially invite all interested in attending to be our guests.

The event is sponsored and organized by PNOVS (Premier Network of Veteran’s Services), a Non-Profit organization of Veterans helping Veterans. PNOVS’s mission is “Restoration” for Veterans in despair. PNOVS’ goal is to restore a Veteran’s honor, dignity, and hope by providing world class, integrated physical and behavioral health care, counseling, and benefits support services that will be delivered in a short term residential setting.

At the event, PNOVS leadership will share their observations on some serious problems faced by some of our nation’s veterans. PNOVS has repeatedly observed a problem with many Veterans returning to their communities “broken” and in situations where they absolutely should not be. That is, jobless, chemically dependent, homeless, in jails, in prisons, in mental health systems, and in despair. Once in this vicious cycle, it’s hard for the Veteran to break free. At the event, PNOVS leadership will present its visionary and innovative solution to this problem – a project called The PNOVS National Center for Veterans. You won’t want to miss hearing about this breakthrough solution. You will also have the opportunity to have your voice heard and learn about how you can join our team and contribute to this important project that will positively impact the lives of Veterans in despair.

Operation Vector Event is Thursday, June 24, 2010 from 2pm to 4pm at the Double Tree Hotel (5501 Eubank Road, Sandston, VA 23150)

RSVP: Wilson Washington, Jr., 804.878.2432 or AJ Miah, 804.240.0598

PNOVS Center
Depasquale Delph Gentilhomme Group, Illustration by Bob Kirchman.

Some projects just grab you. PNOVS [click to read] was one of those... an opportunity to put some substance to the gratitude we feel for our troops.

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Unknown said...

You're right Bob. I think so many Americans wish to help our troops. However, many struggle with HOW to help them. We hope the PNOVS project will be one of those HOW's and provide one way for the community to give back to Veterans. Thanks for your brilliant illustration of the PNOVS National Center facility!