Monday, April 18, 2011

Why You MUST Vote in the 2011 Election

Augusta County Election Presents Unique Opportunity

IMG_2992Candidate for Wayne District Supervisor, Dr. Kurt Michael holds a copy of the Augusta Fire Report.

Much ink has been spilled in the press over the woes of local governments in the wake of today's difficult times. I recently listened to a news report bemoaning the fact that across the nation it is hard to find qualified candidates to run for local office. Politics has aquired a bad name and people simply don't have a sense of serving their community anymore.

I am happy to report that that is not the case in Augusta County where Saturday saw another excellent candidate enter the race for county supervisor. Dr. Kurt Michael, a respected educator, announced his bid from the Preston Yancey Fire Company in Fishersville. In addition to his understanding of educational issues, Dr. Michael showed a keen understanding of the need to develop real support for our community's volunteer first responders. The person who rushes into a structure fire to save lives [at the risk of his or her own] gives untold hours to service and training, pays for a lot of their own equipment and uses his or her own gas to get to the fire station.

Support for the volunteer community is crucial and will involve some hard choices. Reimbursing milege, training and equipment costs will help the county retain these valuable citizens in service and is a fiscally responsible alternative to allowing volunteer service to wither. You see, leaders who serve will lead others to serve. That is a deep part of the American Dream I know.

IMG_2989David Karaffa makes complex issues understandable and will make the office of supervisor accountable to the people.

IMG_2994Staunton's Alex Davis introduces Dr. Kurt Michael.

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