Monday, May 23, 2011

Pre-1967 Borders, BAD Idea!!!

The Survival of Israel is at Stake

New Jersey
Israel and New Jersey.

"It is good for an American president to have his hopes, but they will not be realized if they are founded on a basic misunderstanding of what is at stake in this conflict -- not just Jerusalem or the West Bank or the Golan Heights but Israel's existence. This conflict, it has slowly become clear -- even to those of us naifs who once thought peace was inevitable in the Middle East once direct negotiations began -- has never been about the creation of still another Arab state, but about the elimination of the Jewish one.

So long as an American president will not recognize that elemental, brutal, obdurate truth, and confront it openly, directly and honestly, then one futile presidential speech will follow another. That's the Middle East." -- Paul Greenberg

The Latest Futility [click to read]. Paul Greenberg in Jewish World Review.

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