Sunday, June 5, 2011

T. J. Collins Building on Beverley Street

Part of Staunton's Architectural Heritage

Three windows step up the wall of a townhouse by Staunton Architect T. J. Collins.

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Joy Jackson said...

That poor building has stood in disrepair for all the time we've been here and many years before. Paul Anderson, who owned it until recently, has not accomplished any lasting or necessary work on the it. It's been one of the shames of Newtown. Paul finally lost it to auction, but his sister bought it. So far, nothing has happened and, sadly, probably won't. It will most likely continue to disintegrate and be an eyesore. The enforcement of ordinances in this historic district has not been consistent and seemingly random. Just look across the street at the little cottage. It's a mess. It's a very sad thing.