Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The People Have Spoken in Augusta County

Historic Vote for a New Board of Supervisors

David Karaffa's distinctive blue signs were seen at polling places such as this one at Victory Worship Center. Photo by Dr. David Karaffa.

History was made on November 8th 2011 as three of four independent contenders for seats on the Augusta County Board of Supervisors won their respective elections.

Lynn Remembers How it Began [click to read]. David Karaffa has stepped up to offer new energy and fresh perspective to our board.

"It was a long journey for 28-year-old David Karaffa to his victory Tuesday night for the Beverley Manor District supervisor position in Augusta County. Fourteen months earlier he had decided to run for the position. He spent months learning the business of local government as he visited with workers in the Government Center, soaking in the new-found knowledge about water pipes and fire services and infrastructure and the budget process." -- Lynn Mitchell

For all of us who know David and share his vision, yesterday's victory marks an important beginning. We, the voters, have placed the future fiscal and institutional health of our county in good hands.

Augusta Co. BOS-Beverly Manor Dist.
> David Karaffa 602 51%
Jeremy Shifflett 564 48%

Augusta Co. BOS-N. River Dist.
> Marshall Pattie 1,498 64%
Larry Roller 555 24%
Stephen Morris 272 12%

Augusta Co. BOS-Pastures Dist.
> Tracy Pyles 1,086 65%
James Warren 580 35%

Augusta Co. BOS-Wayne Dist.
> Jeffrey Moore 1,014 53%
Kurt Michael 888 47%

School Board Race [click to read] decided by one vote. Chris Foschini began his write-in campaign on the Thursday before the election. With almost no press coverage and volunteers passing out sample ballots on election day, Mr. Foschini lost to write -in candidate Lee Godfrey by One Vote! Think your vote doesn't matter? Think again!

The Rise of the Independents [click to read] by Lynn Mitchell is a good piece of analysis of what happened Tuesday. She comments on a prediction by former Delegate Chris Saxman:

"There are several heavily contested races here in Augusta County for the Board of Supervisors. Two former chairmen of their respective parties – Kurt Michael and Marshall Pattie are running as Independents along with other Independents like David Karaffa. The primary issue goes back to a botched tax assessment and turnout is expected to be high. This is a very interesting case study in the growing trend towards independents running outside of the party structures. I expect several if not all of them to win."

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