Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Restoration to Begin on Crozet Mural

Volunteers to Refurbish 20 Year Old Painting

Monacan Indians fishing in lickinghole creek using a fish wier. Detail of a mural by Bob Kirchman and John Pembroke, 1992

Crozet Artist Meg West discusses restoration with Laney Riley, owner of Laney Mural Art for Young People's Spaces. Laney, who's heritage is Native American (Cherokee), Irish and French will add her special touch to the restoration of the Monacans, the tunnel builders and Claudius Crozet in the mural.

The first week of April will see volunteers refurbishing Crozet's historical murals. Teams will concentrate on the railroad bridge murals and the Crozet Shopping Center retaining walls. Crozet artist Meg West originally painted the Shopping Center Murals. The bridge mural was painted in 1992 by John Pembroke and Bob Kirchman. Crozet Hardware provided paint and supplies.

Meg and Bob will be coordinating the restoration joined by Staunton artist Laney Riley, owner of Laney Mural Art for Young People's Spaces. The team will concentrate on stabilizing damage and repainting areas where the paint has fallen away.

Students from Western Albemarle High School originally helped with the painting of all of the murals. Crossroads Waldorf students helped paint the background in the bridge mural. Western will be closed for Spring Break, but many students are expected to participate. The bridge mural was originally financed by people donating $5.00 to have their names put in the mural. Ten dollars got your family listed. No experience is necessary, there will be a variety of tasks to be performed. Work begins Monday, April 2 at 9:30am. Volunteers will be required to fill out a waiver form.

Twenty years of exposure to the elements has caused damage to the painting which will be repaired beginning next Monday.

Bob's son joins a Monacan fishing party when the mural was freshly painted!


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Stephanie Bell said...

I drove under the bridge for the first time in years and was taken by how beautiful it is! Everyone did a great job!!