Monday, April 30, 2012

Visualizing America's Future Greatness

It is Time for Optimism Based on Reality...


Susan Allen and Jason Bibeau.

Susan Allen joined residents for lunch at Wright's Dairy Rite in Staunton to talk about her husband's campaign for U.S. Senate. George Allen, who has served Virginians as Governor and U.S.Senator, has a Blueprint for America's Comeback that is a pro-growth plan of action to get our country back on course by focusing on jobs, competitiveness, freedom, and opportunity.

George Allen's Blueprint for America's Comeback includes:

Part 1:
Making America Competitive for Job Creators (America is Open for Business!) [click to read]

If America is going to make a comeback, we must reinvigorate our economy so that it is growing and creating jobs again. Yet, more than two years – and nearly a trillion dollars – after passage of Washington’s jobless stimulus bill, the American economy is stuck in idle. GDP grew at an anemic 1.8 percent rate during the second quarter of 2011. Unemployment continues to hover around 9 percent, with more than 14 million Americans looking for jobs while millions of others have simply given up.

Part 2:
Unleashing America’s Plentiful Energy Resources and Creativity (American Energy Freedom Act) [click to read]

The good news is that America has the most plentiful energy resources of any country in the world. U.S. reserves plus technically recoverable oil, gas, and coal amount to 1,320 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) – ahead of Russia, Saudi Arabia, and China. And American ingenuity has traditionally led the way for new and expanded global energy resources.

Part 3:
Reining in the Over-Reaching, Over-Spending Federal Government [click to read]

With the national debt at $14 trillion and growing at an alarming rate, America urgently needs to take control of our financial destiny. By restoring American competitiveness and unleashing our energy resources, the Blueprint for America’s Comeback will help by bringing in new revenues, but runaway spending must also be brought under control.

A future based on using America's abundant natural gas resourses could put us at the front of the new global economy. Graphic byBob Kirchman.

The dream of a bridge between the Americas and Asia has been a staple of publications like Popular Science for years. Will the next generation make it a reality?

Our parents lived through the Great Depression. Then they saw a war that practically destroyed the Continent of Europe. Our Country had barely survived its birthing and was almost destroyed by Civil War in the Nineteenth Century. Now rising powers across great oceans threatened our continued existence. Still, in the midst of the Depression, the 1939 World's Fair showed us the world of the Twentieth Century.

A few years later the National Socialists in Germany were busy creating Hell on Earth. Surely to a person of faith at that time, the World was ending. For over six million people it did. The attempt to install a new order and a Master Race almost destroyed Western Civilization.

Faith gives us hope in the midst of such dark terror. Certainly the hope expressed in Isaiah 60 and Revelation 21 is necessary to anchor us in such desparate times. One day the Divine will establish His Kingdom. A kingdom that is without end.

Mankind has moved through ages of deep depravity and times that we have come to know as Golden Ages as well. What will we do with the time that is ours?

The great irony is that Heavenly minded men and women, far from being "no Earthly good," have often been the catalysts for building a better life for their fellows. Alvin Schmidt documents this in his book "Under the Influence." Many advances in compassion and society are the result of people like England's William Wilberforce, who championed the abolition of slavery for years, and Charles Dickens, who changed the way society responded to the needy among them.

With our eyes set firmly on the "hope of things to come," will we bring the touch of G-d to our age?, or will we surrender to our dark demons?

Now is not the time for quitting.

The Bering Straight Crossing might have cable stayed sections to allow ships to pass...

...and miles of floating piers.

Is the human ability to dream big dreams a gift from the Divine? I believe it is.

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