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Volume IV, Issue XIV

Illegal Immigrants - 12 Million +!

This week the 'other' weekly news magazine features the cover headline: "We are Americans, Just not Legally." And it is the Illegal that should bother us. Articles like TIME's [1.] regularly paint a picture of poor 'Juan' who can't find work in his own country swimming the border to the land of opportunity. Such stories ignore the complex realities of hosting more than twelve million actual illegals. They are not all innocent victims of economic disparity, and those who would exploit them as a potential voter block ignore the great history and traditions of this great Nation of Nations!

I have a frend in Northern Virginia who has researched the issue in far greater detail than I will elaborate. Her research has shown that schools, public services and hospitals in her own metropolis have been strained to overloading in providing services to non-taxpaying persons who are undocumented. They live in rental properties in groups composed of multiple families and are often associated with gangs such as the infamous Mara Salvatrucha, or MS 13.

So how do these people differ, really, from our own immigrant forefathers? First of all, their illegal status makes them skirt the assimilation process that built the United States. They are aided and abetted by politicians who see them as a way to bolster their constitiuancy. These officials regularly stand in the way of voter identification requirements and pretty much identification requirements for anything. The result is a permanent unassimilated group which gets to participate in the richness of this country without having to join in the culture that produced the richness.

This sits well with those who view the world from an opressed -- opressor worldview. Unfortunately it denys the benefits resulting from a culture of opportunity. It pretty much fosters an entitlement culture from the beginning.

This July 4th, go to the Naturalization Ceremony at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. There you will see the honor and priviledge of Citizenship bestowed on those who have worked to earn it. That is the path that all who seek the benefits of this great nation should be guided along.

Those who do not wish to pursue the path of citizenship or legal residency should not receive the benefits given to those who have. All immigration reforms need to be achieved within the boundaries of this concept.

Thomas Jefferson's Lawn at the University of Virginia was originally intended to open to the surrounding countryside and the farms of Albemarle County.

'Doing Fine' in the Private Sector:
Barack Obama has said the private sector is doing fine

"Tell that to small business owners; a new survey by Citigroup shows that 23% of small business owners have gone more than a year without pay. The study also says that 54% of them have gone without at least one paycheck; 38% of them said their employees had worked overtime without being compensated; and 18% of them had been unable to make a paycheck for their employees at least once. During recent years, 78% of the owners have taken less profit, 70% have been working more hours, and 69% have used their own funds in order to keep their businesses afloat." -- William Bigelow

William Bigelow Writes More {click to read].

Obama Jobs Program: Helping Illegals Compete [click to read].

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New Obama Ad: 'Twisting the Record'
No doubt, by now one of your more Progressive-leaning relatives has thrown this spin on Romney's job record at you. Even Annenberg [click to read] says it distorts the facts.

"The ad states that job creation in Massachusetts “fell” to 47th under Romney. That’s a bit misleading. Massachusetts’ state ranking for job growth went from 50th the year before he took office, to 28th in his final year. It was 47th for the whole of his four-year tenure, but it was improving, not declining, when he left."


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