Saturday, April 27, 2013

Farrier Court Community Building Mural

Young People Picturing Acts of Kindness Rooted in Love

Muralist Kristina Elaine Riley designed the mural for Bridgewater College students to paint with elementary and middle school youth in the apartment complex. The project was done through the Office on Youth.

The leaves will feature acts of kindness written by the children...

...rooted in love.

Teriffic Tuesdays! A chance for kids to interact with positive role models and even make something beautiful! Muralist Kristina Elaine Riley has designed this project where kids paint along with students from Bridgewater College. Now a project of the Office on Youth, the Teriffic Tuesdays program will soon be taken over by the Blue Ridge Church of Christ as an ongoing ministry to the community.

Here are photos of the Completed Mural [click to view].

Kristina paints colorful creatures into the mural.

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