Friday, August 30, 2013

Mr. Obama, You Need to Ground Your Sons...

(Commentary from THYME)

Fifty Years after Dr. King's "I Have a Dream Speech," we've reflected on the gains that have been made and the work yet to be done. Now it seems we're mired in a new era of interracial violence. Let me be specific: You have the New Black Panther Party promoting the killing of white people, the media's twisting of the George Zimmerman case... even creating the term "white hispanic" in order to make their chosen villain fit the chosen narrative. Never mind that you've destroyed the man's life... you, the media, did it for 'the cause!'

Then think of all the shootings and crime that does not cross racial lines in a place like Chicago. Every child who dies violently is a loss of potential... a rending of a Mother's heart.

Rather than simply repost the scores of horrific stories, THYME asks: "Where are the stories of good?" Surely Benjamin Bannaker is not the last black youth mentored by white neighbors who went on to do good... in fact, if you dig deeper into the George Zimmerman story you find that he too was a mentor. Every child should be taught of the partnership between Vivien Thomas and Alfred Blalock, two researchers who worked to develop new methods of heart surgery.

In fact, it is time to treat our own culture's heart problem... looking for and celebrating the good and providing a clear alternative to the bad. Young journalists, you got into the profession to:"Make a difference in the world." You can, if you will promote healing instead of hatred.

Cement Finisher
Cement Finisher, from the series: "Imago Dei." When I met this gentleman he was taking down forms from a newly poured driveway near Charlottesville. He had a contageous joy about him.

Fire Fighter
Fire Fighter, from the series: "Imago Dei." This fire fighter in Charlottesville, Virginia had just taken delivery of this brand new truck.

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