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How Socialism Gains Hold of a Society
By Donna Lou Shickel - © 2013 Donna Lou Shickel Publishing Co. Distribute freely with permission

Why would anyone be in favor of promoting socialism which without exception has always led to outright revolution and mass murders on its inevitable path to communism? History has proven that the free society of a Christian Judeo nation brings out the best in all people. From earliest times, Christian societies have proven to be so prosperous and generous that they have been attacked and plundered by foreign pagan armies seeking to take that freedom and prosperity under their own control. It isn’t this prosperity that has made America great, but her Christian Judeo faith and values. But in the last half a century, much has changed in America. And who do we blame for that?

Socialists and Communists have no hidden agendas. They are wide out in the open. But without knowledge of these agendas, the Christian Judeo populace can be easily led to cooperate with their goals under the guise of social justice. All ideologies that compromise God’s Way to elevate man by man’s way, only succeed by devaluing other human beings and destroying everyone in their way! Today, here on A Place of Grace, I bring you part four in the series, “God or Government” on the destruction of capitalism according to Communist goals.

Friends, we’ve all been aware of the attacks against our Christian faith in America and the decline in morality and individuals freedoms and the looming, unsustainable economic collapse, despite lower gas prices or interest rates to keep us from panicking, other countries are already pulling out of the U.S. dollar and as the value declines, there’ll be a bigger run on the dollar and then it’s worthless. Revelation 6 and a day’s wages for a measure of wheat, which is one serving, harkens us back to Joseph in Egypt during the famine. Will we be like Joseph, hearing God’s voice in how to prepare for crisis, or be like those who starved? We won’t recognize God’s voice during a crisis if we haven’t been intimately connected before, so know Jesus eagerly awaits your call. Even from us Church-goers who rationalize and debate God’s Word and decide that God’s way just isn’t working. And now, our enemies of God’s Way are chastening us, with a DELIBERATE and strategic effort to destroy our very Christian faith, the number one enemy to the goals specifically outlined in the Communist Manifesto and offshoot groups. One necessary step in socialism is the transfer of power and wealth from the private sector to the public sector, and then from the public sector to the rising world government. And our free market system FOUNDED upon the Golden Rule of Christianity is one of the major obstacles to ushering in this new world order of big government, who under a socialized system, would be the Robin Hood who would take from the rich and give to the poor.

Dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro all came to power by promising such “change” to make life and the world better for all people by doing just that: taking things by force from one person to give it to another. And they began by promoting divisions and prejudices among the people. An entire generation has been taught that capitalism is a dirty word. They’ve been taught that all business owners are greedy, selfish people who care nothing for their neighbor. And of course, we know there are the Bernie Madoff’s. But a vast number of American businesses were started by families, Mom and Pop businesses, providing for their families in unity and reaching out in service to their communities. The great American Dream has been realized by many coming to America who were denied our freedom and privilege under their oppressive governments.

But today, all business owners are demonized and characterized as “the wealthy, the greedy,” and we’ll like you when you’re small, but get too successful? We’ll covet what you have, ‘cause now you’re the enemy! All while government touts itself to be the real hero and savior. Corporate greed has been blamed for our economic crisis, and while there is greed, the looming economic disaster we are approaching, come to find out, has been part of the plan outlined in the 1930’s, 60’s and updated in 1992 by socialist communist groups. They state that to destroy the free market system, you simply overload the economy with so many entitlements and benefits, and in the process it collapses and government rushes in to take care of everybody. And history shows how they take care of everybody, but in order to get to that stage, they have to dis-unify the country and further generational cycles of poverty so that lawlessness and economic fears bring the people to cry out for bigger government, and hand over those weapons to protect our family’s food supply. They call it “The Crisis Strategy,” and the people eventually revolt, and the government responds with mass murders and famines. And this has always been part of their plan, because they know people fear economic insecurity and chaos so much, they will turn a blind eye to the demise of others, especially the unseen and unborn, as long as WE’RE OK. Destroy faith, family, law, productivity, prosperity, life and liberty and degrade the culture. Infiltrate education and the media and call it political correctness. And the most politically correct movement they have openly targeted as the very tool that will bring down capitalism, our free market system, is the environmental movement - which places the planet above people.

Up front, the agenda looks like a good thing. God wants us to be good stewards of creation. But God also told man to guard the Garden. But since Genesis, we see that the best lies are mostly truth. The devil used God’s own Word to tempt Adam and Eve in the garden, and Jesus in the desert. Jesus warned us about the leaven in the dough. The devil knows it only takes a small amount to compromise God’s Word and He uses God’s Word to deceive us. Just a few small compromises and we call it forbearance, turning the other cheek. But turning the other cheek was taught by Jesus to the Jews who were living under Roman rule and oppression. It was intended as the Christ-like response by a people who were not free to come and go as they pleased, and even though physically abused, would hold fast to their trust in God and demonstrate even love of enemy without compromising God’s Laws. It was the Pharisees and tax collectors who compromised with the Roman oppressors, calling it the lesser of two evils and failing to raise their children with God as their all-in-all. We point fingers while most of our children don’t know the Biblical passages I referenced. The Bible says that’s the job of parents, grandparents and the older generations. Not the pastor, Sunday school teacher, but us. But we’ve been led to have a greater friendship with the world than with God and call it compromise, turning our children’s cheeks to deal with our sin, while checking off church attendance. Notice these radical groups are full of young people? We’re created to give our lives to a cause, and if we don’t reach them, someone else always does and they’re destroyed. Our Lord never tolerated cooperation with anything that even begins to compromise His Word, let alone using His Word to justify it. But turning the other cheek to soldiers who strike us will be just where we will find ourselves if we continue to support the agendas of those we know have no friendship with God for the sake of our personal economic benefit. So what are these goals in destroying our free market system and how have they made their way into our government?

In 1992 the Communist party USA split over differences in how to take America down. One side wanted outright revolution. But the other side recognized that all of those efforts throughout history have failed and that the best plan was to infiltrate and subvert America from the inside. A people united in faith in God and in sacrificial love of their fellow citizens could not be brought down and ruled by government no matter how often you strike them on the cheek. But if you destroy the human will to work for what you have, if you work to rot away morality and the sacrificial life of those who would give their lives for the greater good, then there will be such chaos and crisis they will beg you to rule and reign. Precipitate and actually create crisis and the Nanny State can step in. The more this happens, the more dependency on big government you can create, the more quickly people will compromise their God-given values as we have done. If you look up the Communist Party USA, which exists in every state, once you read past their opening mission statements of helping the poor and disenfranchised, you will easily discover that their agenda consists of something entirely different, outrageously evil, and very successful. I previously discussed the book written in 1958 by Cleon Scalcon outlining the 45 Communist goals which are promoted in Saul Alinsky’s books “Reveille for Radicals” and then in his best known book and impetus for today’s radical progressives, the 1971 “Rules for Radicals.” Alinsky is often credited with laying the foundation in Chicago for the grassroots political organizing that dominated the country in the 1960s and was embraced and taught by those who are now in power in every major American institution and government. A follower of Antonio Gramche, Saul Alinsky was a member of the Communist Party in Chicago in the 1930’s and after realizing the revolution wasn’t coming as he had hoped, in the 1960’s he recognized the value in the tactics outlined by Gramche. He saw that these were the tactics Hitler used to dis-unify Germany: raise up community organizers to promote class division and outright hatred (have against the have-nots, young against old, minorities against whites, religious against atheists, etc.). In 1992, when the Communist Party split, the majority who worked to infiltrate American leadership finally had their first real golden ticket to destroy business: the environmental movement.

They said that the environmental movement would be the very thing to unite all countries in succeeding in once and for all, bringing down western capitalism, the free market system. By using fear of exhausting natural resources and the population explosion, both of which if you research, they’ve admitted on paper and on video have been myth, and by demonizing American businesses, the voters would get behind their candidates to usher in the brave new world. If you take a look at our children’s text books, you will find that in place of teachings on civics and our Founding Fathers and documents like the Federalist Papers, they now learn about the globalism agenda. Where children were once were taught that God calls us to be good stewards of creation which He intended for our benefit, now the planet is the priority over people. Maybe you’ve heard about the “Global Pledge” intended to replace our Pledge of Allegiance, first used by students in Superior, Wisconsin then in some schools in California, and on from there. The new pledge goes like this: I pledge allegiance, to the world, to care for earth, sea and air. To honor every living thing, with peace and justice everywhere.” Many of our schools have just revoked any pledge altogether. And thanks to the Father of American Education, John Dewey, our children have had little training on economics.

John Dewey, in addition to publicly declaring “there is no God, there is no soul,” said, “Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society” also wrote and had taught in our schools that capitalism imposed a restriction on freedom, and “socialized industry and finance” would be the vehicle by which people would reach their full potential. But remember the “Crisis Strategy” which says never fail to capitalize on a crisis, like gun violence as an excuse to get firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens so criminals can’t get their hands on them (?). And people believe them when they say that, we’re so anxious to do something in times of violence. Our recent Occupy movement was led by radical progressives with the same goals to bring America closer to the necessary crises and chaos to take by force from the rich to give to the poor. You thought it was spontaneous? Comments by a former major D.C. Amalgamated Transit Union boss, Mike Golash were recorded in a video at an Occupy movement. Golash who organized transit workers to protest spoke for Occupy leaders when he said at one of their meetings: “Progressive labor is a revolutionary communist organization. Its objective is to make revolution in the United States, overthrow the capitalist system and build communism.”

Mike Golash said he and his “comrades” are “trying to learn something from the historical revolutions of the past: the Russian revolution, the Chinese revolution, the revolutions in Cuba and Eastern Europe.” And with a disciplined organization made up (not of a few people but) of millions and millions of people, [we] can bring down capitalism.” Just go to the Amalgamated Transit website. But back in 1992 the environmental movement was modest and actually brought some much-needed attention to how carelessly we use much of our resources and the results it has on our human beings and creation. But the progressives as they’ve come to call themselves felt it was the perfect vehicle to create enough regulations and red tape to discourage business growth. I remember warnings about this, but I think the fact that they were labeled “wackos” led some of us not to take them very seriously. Big mistake. They promoted in their agendas under the discipleship of Saul Alinsky that to destroy business and the free markets, you demonize business owners as “the wealthy and privileged” and promote the UN environmental movement.

I pointed out in a previous show that business majors at JMU along with other schools have been singled out to pay thousands more in tuition than other majors – not future biochemists, engineers, or teachers - no, communist needs those, but with government in control of industry and agriculture, they’ll need to discourage even majoring in business. But since they end up making the most money, which isn’t true, and since business owners are all so “greedy and they all trample on the poor,” there was no uproar. And aren’t they the one’s taking advantage of the roads built by the government? Not with tax dollars of hard working business owners, just by our government! Ingrates! Opportunists! Capitalists! Yea, slowly you make Government the savior. And then you can transfer all that wealth and power to the UN, because you have some grand delusion that they’re going to give you a key leadership role. Not true either, history shows they kill each other at this level. But if you’re among those educated starting in the sixties, you won’t know much about the history of Communism and it’s predicable and always repeated pattern. Another agenda item of radical environmentalism is to convince us that government should be in control of the distribution of the use of energy by promoting irrational and unfounded fears over the use of nuclear energy, on and off-shore drilling for oil, fossil fuels, coal and natural gas by using the global warming scare.

We’re not scientists, so we trust the experts. But you may recall the 2009 Climate-Gate Scandal as it was called. The server at the Climatic Research Unit was hacked and just weeks before the Copenhagen Summit on climate change, thousands of emails exchanged between all the players in this global warming scare were released. These emails revealed the numerous scientists and agencies who kept denying the reports by environmental groups throughout the world claiming that human activity, namely industry, caused a climate change. These scientists revealed the names and groups that had manipulated climate data and with media’s cooperation, suppressed the findings of anyone opposing them. These documents proved that global warming was a scientific conspiracy led by those making millions of dollars from the movement backed by left wing radical groups touting social justice, but the mainstream media only reported it all as “negotiations” over climate change and only aired interviews of the scientists who said it was just a “smear campaign” intended to undermine the upcoming climate conference in Copenhagen.

The co-founder of Greenpeace with a PhD in Ecology, Patrick Moore, resigned from Greenpeace in protest when he discovered that the green movement was led by radical progressives set on destroying capitalism. “We do not have any scientific proof that we are the cause of the global warming that has occurred in the last 200 years…The alarmism is driving us through scare tactics to adopt energy policies that are going to create a huge amount of energy poverty among the poor people. It’s not good for people and its not good for the environment…In a warmer world we can produce more food.” Moore contends that for the environmental movement "most of the really serious problems have been dealt with," and they’re seeking now to "invent doom and gloom scenarios". And then we have Al Gore. Did anyone read his book, “Earth in the Balance – Ecology and the Human Spirit” and catch the last chapter called “A Global Marshal Plan” that requires a one world government? It follows perfectly in line with what William Z. Foster, General Secretary of the American Communist Party in the thirties, forties and fifties, who ran for US president three times, wrote in his book, “Toward Soviet America”: Not Christianity but Communism will bring peace on earth.

A Communist world will be a unified, organized world. The economic system will be one great organization, based upon the principle of planning now dawning in the U.S.S.R. The American Soviet government will be an important section in this world organization. In such a society there will be no tariffs or the many other barriers erected by capitalism against a free world interchange of goods. The raw material supplies of the world will be at the disposition of the peoples of the world. This communist’s vision is now becoming reality with UN Agenda 21, which you can find if you just pull up Agenda 21 United Nations. It was actually begun with the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, in Stockholm in 1972. and was introduced at “the Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro, in 1992 and adopted by most world governments as a blueprint for the protection of our planet and its sustainable development. The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) was created and is “the world’s “leading” environmental agency, with many spurious scientists with communist ties from communist countries leading this on our behalf. Sensible sustainable development is a good and necessary thing. But in Agenda 21, you’ll find something different. If you read the plan you’ll see it’s intended to create world government. Chapter 7 is entitled PROMOTING SUSTAINABLE HUMAN SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT which outlines an end to national sovereignty, the end of private property, the restructure of the family unit and increasing restrictions and limitations on mobility and individual opportunity. What’s not acceptable includes private property, fossil fuels, resorts, consumerism, irrigation, farmlands, agriculture, and grazing of livestock, and the traditional family.

Back in 1992, George Bush, Sr. endorsed it on America’s behalf and brought it home; then without Congressional review, Clinton established the President’s Council for Sustainable Development. Railroads are being bought up by our government for commuter lines to support the regional sustainable living units for the new world order. Critics have said such reports are extremist, right wing, sky-is-falling smear campaign. But on June 9, 2011, our President issued executive order number 13575 for a White House Rural Council that seems to lay the groundwork in the US for UN Agenda 21. It exerts broad municipal powers over the food, fiber, and energy production of Rural America. Section 1 addresses 16 percent of our population in rural areas. Executive Order number 13575 ties together capital necessary for economic growth, healthcare and education and says the US Council will probably be populated by experts in the various fields that might prove helpful to the people who live and work outside of rural areas. The heads of all the Cabinets have been appointed and it leaves open the authority to appoint anyone else, oh boy more czars, as is deemed necessary. Part B states that non-governmental organizations are key to Agenda 21 in “Managing the population in both urban and rural areas with a focus on controlling open spaces.” D – Identify and facilitate rural economic opportunities associated with energy development and other outdoor recreation activities.

Every plan associated with UN Agenda 21 dictates the control of the activity of every person in the world with this broad language to control our occupations, location and movement. I always look up the supporters websites, and they promise they’re not going to overreach. But this again sets the stage for another dictator even if you do trust our current leaders. These proposals would all be overseen, ultimately, not by our Country’s leaders, but by the Secretary General of the UN. A global biodiversity assessment by the UN. 1041 pages, section 13 deals with government control over protected areas including wilderness areas surrounded by buffer zones, dictated by government organizations. Human population is to be resettled into the remaining 25% of the land into FEMA Camps that are described as sustainable communities. The Wild Lands project says “we must convert at least 50% of the land area of North America to wilderness, off limits to human beings.” Taking control over our food and energy, to make sure we’re working to strengthen rural communities and promote economic growth, so expect to see new government assistance with strings attached poured into agriculture. It’s all part of the plan. But wait, there’s more! The president created a White House task force on Eco-System Management policy that will ensure cooperation with federal enforcement despite some states barring Agenda 21 for violating the Constitution which was written to give States rights so that no dictator could ever take control of federal government.

We have lots of EO’s, they’re nothing new, but it’s the nature of these Executive orders, even a new one that allows our President to take control over elections. But one of the most frightening of these is number 13603 on “National Defense Resources Preparedness,” issued in March of 2012. This executive order is far-reaching in its scope, explicitly declaring that the president and his designated Cabinet and agency heads have authority to commandeer and control: all water, all human and animal food, all transportation, all energy, all construction materials, all “health resources,” all farm equipment, all fertilizers, all fuels, … and much more. It doesn’t just claim these powers during war time or during a “national emergency,” but repeatedly states that these apply “in peacetime and in times of national emergency.” Again, this all reveals a long-term plan in effect. Our President is just a pawn in a scheme older than he is. So before we blame him, as we conveniently do, we need to remember - Our battle is not against human beings. Ephesians, the Book on Christian Unity says in 6:12-13: "For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places." And before we can stand firm, we need to be on our knees.

Beloved, I’d much prefer to be studying the Bible than this stuff. But you’ve overwhelmingly asked for more and said this is what we need to hear. So I’ll continue to stand with you for Christ and the Christian faith that has been the reason for our free market system, and for our free gift of salvation, through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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