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Volume VII, Issue XX

Overpasses for America

In the days that followed the attacks on America of September 11, 2001, American flags appeared on the overpasses leading into Washington DC. Slowly the flags faded and disappeared as the country sank into a period of what can only be called denial. The news media went into a full-court press to discredit the Presidency of George W. Bush as he sought to push back a dangerous enemy overseas. Never mind that they beheaded their captives, we had Guantanamo and the daily reports of troop deaths did little to help flagging support for Middle-East conflict. The mortgage crisis in 2006 created a new wave of panic. Many failed to realize that these bad mortgages resulted from implementation of the Fair Housing Act where government required banks to extend credit in situations where it was not prudent for them to do so. Though some in Congress raised the warning flag, the party in power effectively silenced much needed discussion of the problem which might have resulted in corrective action.

The media became willing accomplices in creating what became one-party rule. Blaming Bush for all ills, they installed the most unvetted President in American History. As fuel prices rose, the administration blocked projects like the Keystone Pipeline, which would have resulted in more economical energy. As America struggled to regain employment, the President rolled out his destructive takeover of American Healthcare. Insurance costs went up. People LOST coverage, and new mandates strangled companies that might have hired more workers. The country has not had such a slump in real estate and construction activity since the Second World War! What is despicable is that the unemployment numbers, public debt and uninsured BEFORE Obama seem pretty good in retrospect. In our last issue we addressed the problem of a Senate where party loyalists represent the interests of their leaders rather than the people. Now we must look at the problem of a media that fails to ask the hard questions. Remember how they were all saying: "We know very little about him," concerning Obama AFTER he was elected.

As people did learn more about the plans Barack Hussein Obama had to 'fundamentally transform' our great nation, many came to Washington to protest. On September 12, 2009 a great gathering occurred on the National Mall. TIME Magazine buried two pages of coverage in an issue who's cover proclaimed organizer Glenn Beck a 'Mad Man.' The great gathering DID begin the popular wave that swept a number of Conservatives into office in 2010. Still, the movement has undergone a deliberate and somewhat effective attempt to marginalize it by old guard politicians and media 'experts.' Clearly the media was NOT going to tell our story.

On March 28th, 29th, 2014 Overpasses For America (formerly named Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment) stepped out to the overpasses and street corners of America for their 11th national protest. Here at the Official Overpasses for America Site [click to read] there is plenty of good reporting. Founder James Neighbors is not afraid of a little honest news, especially if it helps restore the principles upon which our republic was founded. That involves direct opposition to some very UN-Constitutional things going on in our government right now.

Patriot Wave 11, dubbed by the group as Spring Break Out was the first major event of 2014, and thousands of Overpasses members across America participated in the protests. The group, founded in June 2013, is openly calling for the removal of Mr Obama from the White House for many reasons, among them his ineligibility for office, crimes committed during his tenure in the White House, and multiple violations of the Constitution.The full list makes Richard Nixon's alleged infractions look insignificant in comparison.

Signs and banners carried during the rallies cite things such as Benghazi, Extortion 17, ObamaCare, fake birth certificate, voter fraud and much more. Overpasses For America Founder, James Neighbors states the need for Obama's removal from office extends well beyond his criminal actions, that Mr Obama and his collaborators must be made an example of for future generations of Americans, and as a warning to future politicians that the American people are awake, and are none too pleased with politics as usual across the nation. Again, if the prosecution of Nixon was to serve as a warning to future office holders, we do the country a grave disservice by not prosecuting the well-documented abuses by the current administration and its subservient agencies.

On April 15, 2010 I was back in Washington myself. We were in the city to protest the President's Healthcare legislation and when we got to Virginia Senator Mark Warner's office we were herded into a conference room by Warner's staff and basically were lectured to as to why we "had to" pass this flawed legislation. The staffers really had nothing better than Nancy Pelosi's famous statement to give us though. I made the comment: "If the car needs a tune-up, you don't pull the engine!" and was rebuked for it. The protest was a failure as Warner was one of the deciding votes that gave us the ObamaCare legislation. Overpasses for America plans on going the route of Ronald Reagan, who politely but firmly stuck to his relatively simple message. Repeat, repeat and repeat so that if the press wants a quote they get you saying what you want to. Overpasses has big plans now to hold their ground.

The movement has teamed up with Colonel Harry Riley and Operation American Spring, and members are carrying signs and banners about the Washington DC event which begins on May 16th. Organizers for OAS (Operation American Spring) state that over 5 million people have made commitments to be in Washington for the peaceful demand that Obama and many members of Congress step down from their positions, and the return to a Constitution based government in our nations' capitol.Note that I've underlined begins. This is more than a one-day blitz. This is nothing less than great communication of time-tested principle. Neighbors also states that the Overpasses movement is highly encouraging members to find their way to Washington DC for American Spring. He also emphasized that many members of the movement are in dire financial straits due to the failing economy, and those members will be rallying in their area, so the nation is aware of the events occurring in Washington DC.

Neighbors continued by saying that those who will be in Washington for American Spring expect a media blackout as is common by the mainstream media when disgruntled Americans protest to express their discontent and the group believes the protesters across the nation will raise enough questions by the public to media outlets, that they will either report the event or further lose trust of viewers and readers. Never forget the power of those flags waving above Interstate 66. The message will be spread! The people will be heard!

On April 19th, 2014, Overpasses For America held their 12th national event, the Patriots Day Patriot Wave with many more planned for the entire year.


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