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THYME Magazine: Portrait of a Movement

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Volume VII, Issue XIII

Portrait of a Movement

Perhaps the best way to interview great men and women is to actually spend time with them. Even the standard journalistic questions do not give you their full measure. One has to walk with them and observe their lives. What a person actually does says far more than the words they speak. And so I found myself at the base of the Washington Monument on a raw and rainy morning with Colonel Harry Riley, organizer of Operation American Spring. As Colonel Riley began by asking us to all kneel in prayer at the foot of the great obelisk, I knew that this was no ordinary protest movement. We began with obedience to 2 Chronicles 7:14:

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

Colonel Riley says of the last few days: "Our Mission, our commitment is as strong as ever....the lawless leadership replacement remains our goal, all the oath breakers, and those that fail to honor their commitment to the US Constitution are being challenged. We will be visting Congress this coming week. A question will be "do you support our Constitution?" The answer can only be yes, but our response will be, "then why are you not doing your job? Why are you allowing Barack Obama to destroy America? We have been assembling early each morning at the Washington Monument and then moving to a location nearer the US Capitol. We have patriots in D.C. with a heart for our nation, for our chldren, grandchildren, great grandchildren and are determined to see our mission through until G-d pulls us off. I think every State is represented except perhaps Alaska......those of you that can't be with us are well in our midst.....your State patriots are standing up for you. Our first day May 16, 2014 was our best day....even though G-d got our attention early by drenching us with rain...He reminded us of His power but showered us with sunshine later in the day.........thousands in our midst......some in the cradle, young people with one our PFA members, Marty Church who is 84...the beautiful part is the sacrifical nature of all our participants...I could go into individual sacrifices but I don't want to give the impression there is criticism of anyone who can't be with us...there are many reasons and we know many are doing work behind the scenes, prayers, and the like."

District Park Police, mounted on their fine horses, stood at the perimeter that first day, chatting with us as we patted their mounts. One, a big Draft named "Louie" was quite impressive. His rider told us that there were three other horses his size... the "Front Four," who often worked together with hostile crowds. Colonel Riley's own security detail took care of many things these fine officers often had to attend to. From the standpoint of the police, this was a peaceful protest.

Rumors and news reports to the contrary had already made the rounds... obviously the work of people who did not actually attend the rally. Even Glenn Beck, who has a reputation for truthful reporting, repeated the erroneous reports without vetting their sources. So, here we were, doing exactly what he told us we should do, and being excoriated for it! Here was a citizen presence in Washington that was put there entirely by grassroots efforts and even media figures who should have been rejoicing were panning it.

Colonel Riley in the next few days would conduct a silent vigil at the White House in memory of the four dead in the Benghazi Attack. Marchers walked four abreast to the White House in silence and stood for a silent vigil. They then returned in the same way they came. It was a moving tribute to the sacrifice of those four Americans. Sunday saw a prayer service at the Lincoln Memorial. Monday began with protesters actually making their way to contact their representatives.

I spent some time with Fred Schneider, organizer of Overpasses for America. I watched him stop what he was doing to offer to photograph an African-American family in front of one of the museums. He spent over an hour helping an Armenian lady named Anna who had lost her telephone. His actions told me far more about him than his passionate articulation of his desire to restore the Republic.

Though the numbers of protesters are not the same as those commanded by big media personalities, they are impressive when you remember that the media did nothing to help. In fact, they only insinuated that this was not a peaceful protest. The people who came did so because friend invited friend, and they represent many who are very concerned about the way the county is being destroyed by those who purport to represent us in Washington. When I returned from Washington my wife wanted to watch Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce. [1.]

For decades, Wilberforce worked to eliminate the slave trade. His enemies circulated all sorts of rumors about him and accused him of sedition. Though he sacrificed his health in the process, he never gave up. In the end he was instrumental in the elimination of the trade in human beings, as well as reform in healthcare and humane treatment of animals. Wilberforce should serve as an inspiration to all of us who look to restore the soul of our own country today.

Colonel Harry Riley, about to lead prayer at the base of the Washington Monument.

Fred Schneider, Overpasses for America organizer.

The Mason Family from Delaware. They are descendants of Caesar Rodney, signer of the Declaration of Independence.


Overpasses InFlorida said...

Such a wonderful, honest and refreshing view of the movement in DC. Thank you

Unknown said...

Thank you for this well written article. It helps me get a feel for everything that the media won't share. God Bless America!

Sindy Fellanto said...

Thank you for showing the true side of OAS!

Sindy Fellanto said...

Thank you for showing the true side of OAS!

brandy mason said...

Wonderful account of the Operation American Spring event Bob. So very glad to have met you! Glenn Beck went as far as using a picture of the 500,000 empty George Washington University graduation day empty chairs and called it Operation American Spring to make everyone feel it was a total failure. Only failure was his lack of reporting skills. The most powerful part of the Silent Benghazi March was the way we turned our backs to the White house for 20 minutes to symbolize the way Obama, Clinton and the other cesspool of corruption turned their backs on our 4 boys in Benghazi. Shame on them.

Bob K. said...

Thank you for the kind words. I too am perplexed and troubled by the "empty chairs" photo as well as the incorrect link in the first article in the Blaze. Obviously they were not reporting on the real Operation American Spring. This is not in keeping with the journalistic integrity we have come to expect from Glenn Beck and I would like to see an apology/explanation statement before commenting further.