Thursday, June 5, 2014

Exiting the Backside of the Trojan Horse...

What the Bowe Bergdahl Prisoner Exchange Means

The 'Trojan Horse's Rear' as seen on a recent trip to Washington. It is an actual sculpture in the Federal Triangle.

Five dangerous Taliban commanders released in exchange for a deserter... but more likely a TRAITOR. The United States gained NOTHING in that exchange and severely compromised the safety of our troops in Afghanistan in the process! But consider the strange nature of this case more closely. Bergdahl, a United States Army soldier, was held captive by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani network in Afghanistan from June 2009 until his release on May 31, 2014. These people usually behead their captives. Bergdahl's longevity suggests he was at least a useful pawn for obtaining a prisoner release, but his personal history suggests he actively sought to JOIN the Taliban.

Now consider the surrealistic scene where Bergdahl's father stands with the President of the United States and says in Arabic:

“In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate.”

The father proceeded to speak in Pashtu, also known as Afghani, because he said his son might have difficulty understanding English after five years in captivity. After learning of how the inmates of the infamous 'Hanoi Hilton' prison in Vietnam used their MINDS to stay focused on who they were, I find that just a little too incredible. Bergdahl's platoon leader spoke to Sean Hannity and painted a picture of a troubled young man who stepped out looking for trouble. Six men died trying to find him after he deserted his post.

But the platoon leader went on to consider the lives lost capturing the five dangerous Taliban! Many in the Mainstream Media were no doubt scratching their heads! But had they studied the man who would be President, they would have known who his Communist mentors were. They would have noted the Anti-colonialism of his Kenyan Father. They would have seen all too well that the 'Gift,' brought into the city in the guise of "Hope and Change," had indeed opened up to reveal a force intent on destroying the America we love! For my low-literature readers (if I have any), I reference the famous Trojan Horse.

"The Wooden Horse, a device resorted to by the Greeks, after the death of Achilles, was used to capture Troy. The story is known to Homer and is referred to in the Odyssey as well as being part of the cycle of stories about Troy, but the Iliad ends well before this event. Epēius, a skilful craftsman, constructed a very large wooden horse inside which picked Greek warriors, including Odysseus, were concealed. Then the Greek army sailed out of sight, leaving Sinon, one of their number, behind. He pretended to the Trojans that he was a deserter and that the horse was an offering to Athena; if brought within the city it would render it impregnable. In spite of the warning given to the Trojans by Lāocǒon (a priest of Apollo) not to trust ‘Greek gifts’, the Trojans dragged the horse into the city, convinced that the destruction of Laocoon and his sons by two serpents after he had given his warning was a punishment for impiety. Cassandra too prophesied disaster but was disbelieved. At night the Greeks came out of the horse and the city was taken. In Homer's Odyssey (book 4) Menelaus reminds Helen how, when the horse was inside the walls of Troy, she had walked round it calling out the names of the men she suspected might be inside, and Odysseus had prevented anyone from answering. In book 8 Odysseus at the court of Alcinous asks the bard to sing the story of the Wooden Horse. Virgil tells the story of the horse in Aeneid 2." --

Erick Erickson writes: "Barack Obama is not a stupid man. One does not win the Presidency twice by being stupid. Looking at all of his foreign policy and national security blunders and pronouncements, I think there is only one rationale way to explain his foreign and national security policy without relying on him being stupid. Barack Obama has decided the best way to make the world a safer place is to make America a less safe place. If we must be worried about the shadows and random dictatorships with nukes, we will be less bold in pursuing our own interests. To Barack Obama that’s a good thing." [2.]

The scene at the White House is in keeping with what many of us know the President to be. It is time, dear reader, to take action. Overpasses for America and Operation American Spring have sounded the warning. We MUST register our friends to vote and inform them. This year we MUST gain Conservative seats in the Senate so that we may effectively fight the enemy inside our gates. If you are one inclined to ignore politics, be assured that politics WON'T ignore you!

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