Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Folow Your Heart" or Lead It?!

New Movie Lays Down a Challenge

I don't know how many movies these days carry the theme: "Follow Your Heart." Happiness and fulfillment always materialize somehow in the relationship of the moment developed on screen. Somehow that formula works well in film, but leaves a trail of disaster when applied in real life. If dogs made movies, I'm convinced that they would have the theme: "Follow Your Nose." The results... well, that's what the tomato juice is kept for.

This weekend I saw Fireproof and it was a breath of fresh air. It follows the life of a fire fighter who's courage and resolve are put to the test as he discovers that love for his family requires the same steely resolve that lets him go into burning buildings to rescue strangers. Indeed, Caleb, the hero, needs to learn to lead his heart just like he pushes himself in situations of danger.

There are plenty of moments where self-recognition gets a bit uncomfortable. The writer really knows human nature and that is part of why this is a meaningful film. There are some well done action scenes as well. The rescue scenes are gripping -- especially if you understand the dangers involved in a structure fire. Sherwood Pictures is to be commended for this project.

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