Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Maverick Idea!

Suspend the Campaign and Work the Problem

Earlier this year, as gasoline prices pushed over our dollars a gallon and diesel fuel was higher than regular gas, Congress went on vacation rather than act on any energy legislation. Speaker Pelosi even turned off the lights as the dissenting minority tried to force Congress back to the task at hand. That's real leadership... go on vacation while the American people suffer.

Fortunately Newt Gingrich and others kept the matter alive. The people want solutions and we elected these representatives to, er, represent us. Read more at American Solutions.

There's a saying in business: "Ignore your clients, the'll go away." I suppose in congress if you ignore your constituents, YOU'LL go away [eventually].

Senator McCain is now suggesting that both presidential candidates, who are also U.S. Senators, suspend the campaign and seriously address the economic crisis. I'm convinced he's not doing this for any other reason than he feels its the right thing to do. He could bring up some history [such as the previous post does] and look real presidential in Friday's debate, since he's already fought a few big interests. We'd have some great discussion but the place for great discussion is the place of action. The matter is huge. How do we prop up the institutions in question and create real accountability? How do we avoid setting a precedent for government intervention and allow real market forces to work?

I am leery of government bailouts. They easily become the modern day "seven years of famine in Egypt" where the government ends up controlling things it was never intended to. Thinking back to the Chrysler Corporation bailout years ago, Chrysler actually paid back the loan. Freddy and Fanny need to be told that the same standard applies. This is not free money and you will be expected to pay it back or face consequences. Some hard lines need to be drawn and they require all players to be fully in the game.

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