Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Futurama III

New York's Tomorrow from City Journal

Glass towers in Manhattan.

During the height of the Dinkins administration, when conventional wisdom saw a bleak future for Gotham, City Journal published a special issue discussing creative solutions for the problems. Years later Rudy Guliani would stand to address the Manhattan Institute [publishers of City Journal] and show them his well-worn copy. He credited the quarterly for providing him with the inspiration for many of his well-known reforms.

Now City Journal steps up to the plate again as financial crisis threatens to derail many of New York's gains.

New York's Tomorrow [click to read] is a collection of hopeful essays grounded in reality. It should be required reading for policy makers everywhere.

In “New York’s Tomorrow,” you’ll find no shortage of bold, visionary ideas, from rezoning New York City to tort reform in New York State to building the power plants that drive the economy to enacting a Taxpayer Bill of Rights. All could help New York stay afloat and even flourish in the wake of the financial meltdown.

Does that get your attention? States like Virginia could avoid many missteps by heeding the collected wisdom of New York's Tomorrow. VDOT [click to read] might actually find in the study of more complex transit systems the wisdom to cut expenses while providing MORE service to the customer, the motoring taxpayer.

General Motors may be bankrupt, but the Manhattan Institute has a wealth of ideas to enrich our discussion of things future.

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