Sunday, August 16, 2009

Church in the Park

Worship in Art and Music

Church in the Park
Photos by Brandon H.

Church in the Park
Creating a painting during worship.

Once again Staunton Alliance Church moved our Sunday morning service to Gypsy Hill Park. Our outreach pastor Kipp Purath is really looking for creative ways to put the message of the Gospel into the fabric of our community. This time he asked if I would do something with a painting as part of the worship. I lightly sketched this composition on green paper and did all the painting in forty minutes.

My son told me about 'the Jesus Painter,' an artist who does this all the time. I can't imagine what it would be like doing art under pressure with an audience all the time. Sometimes its nice to be alone in your studio.


Here's the Jesus Painter Website [click to read]. Mike Lewis, the 'Jesus Painter' is the inspiration for 'performance painting.' Also a note on the image source. I was looking for inspiration so I searched the term: "Jesus with Child" and found some images that were offered as 'free' phone wallpaper or clip art [1.] Here [click to read]. The thumbnail looked like an older image and had no attribution but upon further research I've determined that it is actually a fairly modern work by Greg Olsen who needs to be properly credited for the original.

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