Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Newsweak Magazine

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"The Queen of Rage"

Seriously folks, the 'other other' weekly newsmagazine has downgraded journalism to a new low. I wondered why there was a sudden interest in NEWSWEAK, and lo and behold, they've made Michele Bachmann the 'queen of rage' over at NEWSWEEK. You've got to admit, it takes a fair amount of work to find an unflattering photograph of Ms. Bachmann. Give credit where credit is due.

Think for a minute though. Are you more likely to hear a message of 'hate' from the pulpet of Eagle Brook Church, where Bachmann attends or from the pulpet of Jeremiah Wright? I'm just asking.

Michele Bachmann.

Another Michelle weighs in: MSM Photo Tricks [click to read] by Michelle Malkin. Ms. Malkin asks: "When was the last time Time or Newsweek put a halo around a conservative politician?" Malkin opines: "Disseminating unflattering photos of conservatives isn’t journalism. It’s Alinskyite narrative-shaping. And for holier-than-thou highbrow poseurs from Time and Newsweek to the Soros zoo and rage photog Jill Greenberg, it’s a hard habit to break."

Here's another offering from The Real Revo [click to read]. It features This Masterpiece [click to read] from iOwntheWorld blog.

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