Friday, August 12, 2011

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Volume III, Issue XXXII

The Decline and Fall of Europe?

The 'other' weekly news magazine is featuring what it calls The Decline and Fall of Europe. Actually we're looking at the distinct failure of the system that President Obama would fundamentally remake us in. The British riots were largely the product of a society where fewer and fewer are employed. More and more young Brits are the recipients of government subsidies of some sort. The so-called 'menial' jobs essential for the function of society are mostly performed by foreigners.

America has actually seen such a decline in our own history. Witness the Los Angeles riots were much of the city was torched. It was touched off by a very similar catalyst as the British riots.

Star Parker, a young welfare mother had just struggled out of the dependent class to launch her magazine on urban affairs when she lost everything in the fires of Los Angeles... everything, that is but the faith and determination that has today made her a national spokesperson for the same issues.

One would do well to take a lesson from New York as well, where the middle-class has been pushed out. What is left is a small population of the very wealthy who can endure the cost of living there for the address, and a growing underclass.

British Degeneracy on Parade [click to read] by Theodore Dalrymple in City Journal

Who Lost the Middle Class [click to read] by Fred Seigal in City Journal

Star Parker [click to read] with a 'wake up' call for America.

Protests in Israel [click to read] by Sol Stern in City Journal. A study in contrasts.

"... the demonstrations actually proved how deep and stable the roots of Israel’s capitalist democracy are. I spent several evenings on the boulevards with the tent dwellers and among the massive crowds on the Saturday-night marches. I was amazed at their gentle yet serious demeanor. On one Friday night on Nordau Boulevard, the protesters set up tables for the traditional Israeli Sabbath dinner, complete with wine and challah and long debates about the situation." -- Sol Stern

EU've Got Mail [click to read] by Civitas researcher Carolina Bracken. The European Union today is a far cry from the trading partnership originally concieved three decades ago.

The Great American Downgrade

It's the Credit Rating Agencies [click to read] that need to be downgraded by Peter Gambrill.

" Firstly governments don’t need to base their fiscal plans around threats of ratings downgrades and secondly there is a case to be made for the establishment of a truly independent body to assess the security of public debt, initially on a national scale but with the ultimate goal of an international body which is well respected and not profit driven. Ratings agencies should no longer be given the trust of governments and should not be relied upon for informing public policy." -- Peter Gambrill.

Sloppy Riot Thinking [click to read] by Theodore Dalrymple in City Journal.

"The combination of loose thinking and indifference to the likely effects of its expression may, indeed, have been a major cause of many of our current problems. Let us, as Pascal said, labor to think clearly: for such is the beginning of morality. And, one might add, of sound policy." -- Theodore Dalrymple

Cultural Vandalism

Bring Back Stigma [click to read] by Myron Magnet in City Journal.

"When is a flawless, gleaming, plate-glass shopwindow a broken window? Boston mayor Thomas Menino had no trouble answering the question after one look at the Nike sneaker shop’s display on his city’s upscale Newbury Street." -- Myron Magnet

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