Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Stimulous We Could Believe In

The President Needs to Look to Teddy, Not Franklin

The Great White Fleet with the battleship USS Connecticut at the lead...

"There's a stimulus plan that President Obama could put forward that would attract strong bipartisan support and which would also produce great jobs at great wages while strengthening the nation's defenses.

He could propose to build the Navy the country needs."
-- Hugh Hewitt

This Proposal [click to read] would basically consist of carrying out a plan put forth five years ago to deploy a fleet of 313 ships by 2020. "The Navy is short by more than 30 ships of its own admitted needs. That is the equivalent of just under three complete aircraft carrier strike force groups (each with 13 ships built around a carrier and each requiring about 8,000 sailors)," according to Hewitt.

...left Hampton Roads, Virginia in December of 1907 to circumnavigate the globe. The ships were all painted white, the Navy's peacetime color scheme.

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