Friday, October 14, 2011

THYME Magazine

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Volume III, Issue XCI

Asserting that the majority of Americans long for moderate politics, the 'other' weekly news magazine stuggles to understand the rise of Herman Cain.

The staff of THYME has travelled to Tea Parties. We've picked up a cup of Joe at Kline's and hit the road ourselves to catch the pulse of America. Here's what we see.

First of all, the Tea Party is the real deal. This is the real grassroots movement and it has flooded Washington DC with real working people in reasponse to what is happening there. When one party rule shut down representative government, the people demanded a hearing anyway.

A Journey to Washington...

Pennsylvania Avenue! A marcher shares the moment on his cell phone.

The avenue was packed with thousands of marchers! We were able to squeeze in behind a large group of Texans [is that redundant]? Sam Houston and Bigfoot Wallace would be proud! Our voices echoed off the large buildings lining the way. Someone started the song:

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

O beautiful for pilgrim feet,
Whose stern impassion'd stress
A thoroughfare for freedom beat
Across the wilderness!
America! America! God mend thine ev'ry flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law!

O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country loved,
And mercy more than life!
America! America! May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness,
And ev'ry gain divine!

O Beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam,
Undimmed by human tears!
America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

-America, The Beautiful Lyrics by Katharine Lee Bates - 1913

We only sang the first stanza. Only 'dangerous' [1.] home schoolers can remember the whole song. They read things like the Constitution too. It was enough to stir my soul. We were on our way to the Capitol!

People pulled out their cell phones and called friends and relatives at home. the feeling in the air was just too big to keep to yourself. I phoned my wife. Every one of us represented many more who wanted to be there. A friend of mine in Williamsburg called me!

Around us were people representing every state in the Union. They were all doing the same thing. The great dome grew closer!

Clouds breaking over the Capitol.

The crowd surrounding the Capitol Reflecting Pool.

"Prepare to witness great and mighty miracles in your life time."--Glenn Beck

The West Front of the Capitol was already packed with people when we arrived. we managed to find this spot near the reflecting pool and behind us people continued to stream in. Every one in the crowd was motivated by their own concern, anger and love of country to make the journey.

I never saw the speakers' platform. We barely were able to hear the speakers but I especially remember the car dealer from New York who spoke about how the government takeover of the manufacturer had led to his dealership being taken away. Three decades of strong sales and good service to the community was dissolved overnight!

Now we were faced with the government controlling healthcare and an even larger share of the economy. Social Security and Medicare are bankrupt, the Post Office is losing money too. The language of HR3200 provides for expanded role for government in your health care and your health care decisions. Cap and Trade puts more tax burden on industry as it tries to compete with the world. Patrick Henry's worst nightmare seems poised to become reality. The American people have gathered on the National Mall to say "enough!" [to be continued]

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London Daily Mail Estimates Crowd at One Million [click to read].

"The size of the crowd - by far the biggest protest since the president took office in January - shocked the White House." -- London Daily Mail

A Lady from Australia comments: "After all the first 'tea parties' were ridiculed in by many actors, politicians and the so called main stream media when they hit out the first time, they can't be ignored now. I think that there are many Americans who now regret the way they voted."

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Looking Back: 9 Principles, 12 Values [click to read]. Glenn Beck plants the seed.

"It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government." -- Thomas Paine



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