Thursday, December 29, 2011

THYME Magazine

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Volume IV, Issue I

Essential Information for the Year Ahead

The 'other' weekly news magazine is starting the new year with its 'User's Guide.' We at THYME are also ofering a compilation of essential information for the year ahead. In fact, ours is a compilation that has served humanity in good times and bad for centuries... those writings that claim for themselves Divine authorship.

In an age that asserts that 'knowledge is power' and that 'all that we see is all that there is,' there is still much evidence that Faith, empowered by Spirit and Truth, offers more resources than those we can see with our eyes. How else do you explain such phenomena as the resurgence of Faith [click to read] in the former Soviet Union, where Religion was surpressed for decades? How do you explain why Christians continue to gather in countries such as Nigeria [click to read] where Muslim extremists killed forty believers on this past Christmas day?

History tells us that the Christian Faith (and Judaism as well) took root in atmospheres of severe opposition. People of Faith went on to 'turn the world upside down.' Alvin Schmidt documents this in his book Under the Influence [click to read]. The First Century Church rescued infants thrown into the Tiber River by parents who didn't want them. Modern Christians plead the case of the unborn who's parents don't want them.

Schmidt tells us the stories of people like Florence Nightengale and Dorethea Dix, who's faith led them to revolutionizwe healthcare. George Müller's [click to read] work among English orphans, The Movavian missionaries and many other heroes of Faith continue the list began in Hebrews 11. Perhaps not all who were 'Heavenly minded' did 'Earthly good,' but a lot of them did!

A Young Person's Guide to Essential Info

Focus and Purpose [click to read] by Rabbi B. Shafier in Jewish World Review.

"The Mesillas Yesharim tells us that the Divine didn't just create man and leave him to figure it all out. He didn't design an entire world for man, put him into it with a mission, and then stand aside saying, "But I am not going to tell you what it is. It's a secret. Go figure it out."

The Lord gave us a clear, definitive blueprint, an exact guidebook with clear directions on how to live our lives and the underlying reasons for it. The key to true success is to open that book, learn its words of truth, and mold our lives accordingly." -- Rabbi B. Shafier



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