Friday, January 6, 2012

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Volume IV, Issue II

"So You Like Me Now?"

The 'other' weekly news magazine asks this, referring to Mitt Romney on their cover this week. Romney won Iowa by a mere eight votes (not eight percent, mind you eight VOTES)! We at THYME think the real story is the rise of Rick Santorum, featured on OUR cover with the same question.

The 'other' weekly news magazine also presents "The Meaning of Tim Tebow." I humbly suggest that the meaning of Tim Tebow and Rick Santorum are one and the same. TIME introduces Tebow like this:

"And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;" -- Ephesians 4:11 ...and some to be quarterbacks!

You could apply that to leaders of state as well. In a time of moral vacuum, when Theodore Dalrymple reports that one can scarcely tell the difference between the sound of a mob of British youths partying... or beating the life out of someone, there are many who long to hear that difference.

Moral leadership is still a treasured commodity by many voters. Even the Left appeals to a sense of corporate morality (stop "global warming," etc.), but let's face it, people are looking for leadership that reaches into the way we live our individual lives. Let me be very careful here, they are NOT looking for meddlesome prudery, but rather those rare leaders who would show us that life indeed aspires to a higher purpose.

Santorum believes in an America that can aspire to its own exceptionalism, one that is worth defending from clearly identified threats. As the present occupant of the White House apologizes for America at almost every opportunity, it is a breath of fresh air to hear someone like Santorum celebrate her virtues.

Here we might note that those who oppose Tebow are often the very same people to whom Santorum is also a threat. Mainstream journalists are often out of touch with the Faith that moves the average person in our land. Statistics show that few of them are actively involved in Religious institutions. It is not surprising that they often miss the story.

A Girl's Legacy: 'Angel' of Tucson's Dream for America [click to read]

Revelry and Mayhem [click to read] by Theodore Dalrymple in City Journal.

"Is that British youths enjoying themselves—or killing someone?" -- Theodore Dalrymple

Tebow Critics Put Own Bigotry on Display [click to read] by Linda Chavez in Jewish World Review.

"Tim Tebow is not the problem. The real problem is our willingness to be bullied into thinking that prejudice masked as tolerance is acceptable." -- Linda Chavez


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