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Volume IV, Issue III

"The Optimist:" The 'other' weekly news magazine features Warren Buffet on the cover. "The Optimist," they call him. But Buffet's tax plan and endorsement of Obama's policies (some of them) remind me of someone who built his country house LAST YEAR, and now is on the Board of Architectural Review. He's your worst nightmare if you are trying to build your house next to him THIS YEAR.

Buffet's tax plan would squelch a lot of new growth and fails to acknowledge the job creation that occurs under a fair tax structure. It smacks of the worst kind of class warfare, that promoted by someone who's already 'got his.' John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan both spurred the economy back into life by CUTTING rates.

Where is Tomorrow's Reagan?

First a little history is in order. Do you recall that Ronald Reagan started out as a Democrat? Indeed he changed his positions on some key issues as he grew in his political career.

The fact that Romney has come recently to certain positions is troubling. But history tells us he is not the first to make this journey:

"Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has drawn suspicion from the right for his flip-flopping on abortion, but he’s not the first candidate to change his view on the issue before seeking the White House.

Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Dick Gephardt and Al Gore also shifted on abortion as they set their sights on the presidency. When Romney was running for the Senate from Massachusetts against Ted Kennedy in 1994, he took a pro-abortion stance in the decidedly blue state."--
Newsmax [click to read] examines how Reagan and Romney are not all that different when it comes to this issue.

Bearing Drift Endorses Romney
By Lynn Mitchell

Bearing Drift [click to read] has endorsed Mitt Romney for President 2012, a decision I heartily agree with after following the process that has narrowed through debates, controversy, media scrutiny, and primaries. Mitt Romney for President? Absolutely!

Bearing Drift's editorial noted:

"Each candidate has strengths and weaknesses, but we feel Romney has emerged as the only candidate with the ability, organization, skill and leadership to both beat the President in November and to govern America well.

Instead of hope and change, it’s time for America to get some good, old fashioned competence."

Good, solid reasoning went into this decision. I would invite you to read the entire editorial.

"There is no doubt that Mitt Romney has the intestinal fortitude to take the “3 a.m. phone call” and make the correct decision. In matters of national defense, and emphasized in the endorsement by John McCain, Romney has proven he has the capacity to make the tough decisions to protect and preserve our nation as commander-in-chief. He has demonstrated already in this campaign superiority to any of the other candidates on national defense issues. Additionally, because he has taken a true introspective look at when life begins, we believe he will fight for the life movement and ensure Supreme Court justices are appointed that respect the rule of law instead of rule from the bench.

Mitt Romney had done what should be expected of conservatives and liberals alike – he has matured as a human being and developed political positions that demonstrate that maturity. While some deride his metamorphosis as political expedience, we see a man who has made deliberate and conscientious steps to develop a firm conservative foundation." -- Bearing Drift

Read Lynn's original commentary Here [click to read].

THYME's Thoughts

The race is far from over, but it is clear that Romney is sailing into the final months with a steady hand on the tiller.He performs well in debates and stays on message. He certainly understands the need for defeating Barack Obama is the overriding concern in this election.

South Carolina [click to read] should be interesting.


"Choice and Competition" [click to read]


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