Monday, May 14, 2012

Mural Gallery, Recent Works

Mural Work in Crozet and in Staunton

Crozet_web Railroad_side
Here is the Crozet Trestle Mural as restored.

Crozet Trestle Mural [click to view larger images].

West_web East_web
Here is the Mural at Staunton Alliance Church.

Journey to Jesus [click to view larger images].

The creation of these composite images was inspired by a similar project involving the murals that José Clemente Orozco had painted in Dartmouth University's Baker Library. The murals had been documented in a composite image so that one could view them on a web page. His murals there presented 'The Epic of American Civilization.' He became the inspiration for the murals Laney Riley and I did in Staunton Alliance Church, which we subtitled 'The Epic of Human Civilization.' Our mural is 82 feet long and covers both sides of a narrow hallway so it is impossible to view the entire mural at once.

The composite was created by stitching over 100 images taken at regular intervals in the hallway. When Laney and I assisted Meg West in the restoration of the Crozet Trestle Mural, I photographed the refurbished mural for a similar set of images.

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