Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Value of Passion

Could it Be the Essential Ingredient for Renaissance?

Wright Brothers' Memorial, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

In His book: Make Me a Legend, Pastor Chuck Balsamo writes in Chapter 12:

"It is a fact: today’s doctor spends 10-12 years and a few hundred thousand dollars to become a physical healer. Why then would the average Christian go to a one-hour church service every few Sundays, reluctantly toss ten bucks into an offering plate, and then marvel over why so few of us experience any real miracles in our lives? Let’s face it; we are not adequately educated in the ways of our Force. Many in this generation are biblically illiterate and spiritually malnourished. It’s like starving to death in the middle of a grocery store. We are sitting on a message of power beyond our wildest dreams, lacking the oomph to break its ancient seal!"

Looking back on some of the more interesting projects I've worked on over the years, it is clear that passion drives the best ones. We love the stories of those who have pursued a dream, built something grand, or cured some dreaded disease. Would it surprise you to know that Heavenly Zeal stands firmly behind so much Earthly progress?

Why We Should Be Zealous [click to read] by Pastor Balsamo will challenge our "Nothing to Excess" notions when it comes to things of the Spirit.

Indeed, I have written before about how much of what we value in our culture today has its roots firmly in faith that prompted men and women to live out their convictions and in the process they made society a better place.

How Christianity Changed the World [click to read].

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