Saturday, December 22, 2012

Steve Elliott's Vision for "Thriving in Exile"

How to Build, Plant, Bless and Pray in Tough Times

Encouragement for today from Jeremiah 29.

The despair many of us felt after the results of the 2012 elections was heart-wrenching. Surely momentum had been building for a Reagan-like landslide. For those of us who grew up believing in the promise of America, hope had been rising... only to be dashed as the results showed record turnout in Democrat strongholds and a mediocre turnout in areas that should have gone strong for Conservative candidates.

But a small book by Steve Elliott expounding on the message of Jeremiah 29 will challenge that despair.

For those of you who don't know, Steve Elliott is President of Grassfire Nation, a Conservative public policy organization. I didn't expect such a clear vision for the future... while most were wringing their hands, Steve was getting ready to build. Referencing the Babylonian Captivity as recorded in the book of Jeremiah, he pointed out the command of G-d to the exiles: Build, marry, have children, increase in number. Seek the well-being of the place you have been carried off to. 

Elliott goes on to tell the stories of Ronald Reagan and Steve Jobs (founder of Apple). Like many successful people, they also experienced periods of great humiliation and defeat. Their stories are instructive in our present situation. He outlines a plan to follow that will put us on the path to thrive... even in the worst of environments. The book is concise and easy to read. It may be obtained at [click to read].

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