Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Laney Riley to Head Up Mural Project

New Project for SAW Coalition for the Office on Youth

Staunton muralist Laney Riley discusses restoration of the Crozet Trestle Murals with Crozet artist Meg West. The restoration of the twenty year-old murals was done in May of 2012.

Kristina Elaine Riley (Laney) has worked on a number of large projects, beginning with Underwater Atlantis, a mural she painted at Lee High School. She partnered with me on the Journey to Jesus murals at Staunton Alliance Church and has helped me with a number of projects since, including the restoration of the Crozet Trestle Murals. [1.] She has provided illustrations for Core Knowledge Foundation's UK partner, Civitas Foundation, for What Your Year One Child Needs to Know. [2.]

Here She is Featured [click to read] on the Bridgewater College Website as she begins her latest project, designing and heading up a mural project for the Staunton Augusta Waynesboro Coalition for the Office on Youth. Congratulations Laney!

The Bridgewater College article says: "Sharing her artistic expertise with elementary- and middle-school children from broken homes and difficult situations, Laney is in charge of designing a mural to be displayed in a community classroom.
Laney’s role in the project includes creating the design and directing the children in painting the mural, as well as building relationships and serving as a role model for them."
"Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank." -- Proverbs 22:29


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