Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Time When America Faced Her Real Enemies

The Debt We Owe to the Defenders of Liberty

The World War II Memorial.

There was a time, in our recent past Century, where the world faced the ugly fact that there was a great evil set to overtake it. The Greatest Generation stormed Omaha Beach and fought long and hard to turn the tide. America's survival was NOT inevitable. Indeed, the Axis powers stood ready to dominate the planet.

After Pearl Harbor our fleet had been battered, and our resolve would be well-tested by the years to come, but our fathers pressed on to take the high ground. Does such resolve still exist in our time? Indeed the news that WWII Veterans [click to read] refused to allow their Memorial to be shut off from them proves that great men still walk our land.

Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

As America's President  talks tough about honest opposition to his unpopular healthcare legislation and refuses to allow Congress to fund government operations all would agree on, compare and contrast his rhetoric with the straightforward message of Binyamin Netanyahu. The world has seen the likes of Hassan Rouhani before. Netanyahu, an astute historian, knows how to address them.

America's leadership needs to take a lesson from that of Israel. With Rouhani, "Distrust and verify" is a wise option, but Americans who have pointed out real flaws in the President's "Affordable Care Act" are reasonable and should be negotiated with. The American people have real concerns about this legislation. Holding government services hostage is the worst sort of grandstanding.

Indeed many Americans long for leadership that will take Rouhani to task while opening real constructive dialogue about the problems we face at home.

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