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THYME Magazine American Renewal Issue II

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Volume VI, Issue XXIII

The Hijacking of Activism
By Donna Lou Shickel - © 2013 Donna Lou Shickel Publishing Co. Distribute freely with permission

After the West won the Cold War, waged by atheist communists, we let our guard down. We have failed to “guard the garden” of the greatest Country in the history of the world, by compromising with those who make the fruit forbidden by God look like a good and necessary concession. And in the process, successfully plant seeds of doubt in the sovereignty, wisdom and goodness of our Creator, Almighty God – Whose very precepts this Country was founded upon. Now we are close to losing the ‘Culture War’, waged by more of the same, godless deceivers, who recognized that utter destruction of our Christian Judeo values would not come with outright revolution. THEY, at least, pay attention to history. No, the complete demise could only come by undermining and subverting the values and ideals of the Christian Judeo society and deceiving her citizens to become silent, unwitting partners in their sinister schemes. So have we traveled too far down this road of destruction to turn things around? Welcome to A Place of Grace, I’m your host, Donna Lou. If you look at history, the answer to that question, beloved, is up to us. But let’s not forget: the very fact that those working to further this out-in-the-open, communist, socialist agenda see our Christian Judeo traditional faith and values as their number one obstacle to achieving their goals validates the power WE possess over such evil. We only need to choose to exercise it.

Friends, just as we see in the Garden in Genesis, the enemy’s attack is on God’s sovereignty first, THROUGH the family by sowing seeds of doubt in God’s Will in favor of human sovereignty. And deceiving mankind into believing the two can coincide for the accomplishment of a good and utopian state. This utopian vision, of course, is achieved by those who knowingly or unwittingly follow the same deceiver, to persuade, manipulate, or coerce well-intentioned followers to entrust their every need and right into the hands of totalitarian leaders who promise a better world than God could ever offer. Are we on that path? A century ago, Democrats were a little left of center, and Republicans a little right. But today both parties have moved much further to the left. Completely left means total government control and no individual rights, and completely right is anarchy, no government which historically is barbarism. But groups who move far left favor more and more government. Those who favor totalitarian government openly state that they must achieve their power and authority by removing God’s. And ironically, they promote their open agendas by convincing citizens to cooperate with their work, which they claim is all about social justice. So how did we move so far from our Founding Father’s vision of a government by the people, for the people? Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher of the late 19th century who convinced many people throughout the world that true human freedom would only be achieved by accepting that God was dead. Charles Darwin convinced many that human beings were simply evolved animals. Karl Marx took the godless philosophies of Friedrich Nietzsche and Charles Darwin to promote his own philosophy to promote Communism throughout the entire world to . Margaret Sanger used the philosophies of Nietzsche and Darwin to found Planned Parenthood, and her openly stated goal was to prevent African Americans and other minorities and all disabled people from inhabiting the world, the reason most abortion clinics are located in minority communities. Many accounts of couples whose lives have been blessed with a developmentally child tell of an obstetrician who urged them to abort that very baby who taught them the true meaning of sacrificial love.

 But if you follow Nietzsche, Darwin and Sanger, if people are animals, and God is dead and this life is all there is, then what’s the problem with having a superior race of human beings, and slaughtering anyone, born or unborn, to achieve a utopian world for the fittest? No, we cannot compromise with any part of an agenda that opposes God’s plan and our Christian Judeo values. And Communism knows that to succeed, the traditional family must go. Socialism and communism says, my life will be better if certain others do not succeed or exist. Christianity says, I offer my life so that others may live. Communism says there is no eternity, no God. Christianity is the enemy of our objectives. So there is no way to blend the two since they not only have nothing in common but are at completely opposed to each other. We talked last time about what Communism is, and what its openly stated objectives are. But what you and I need to understand is how America has unwittingly cooperated with nearly every one of these goals based on seemingly good and logical reasons. You’ll notice, the socialists or communists are not conceding or compromising with us as Christians. But what we’re seeing is that we as Christians are inclined to abide by God’s laws until economic matters are at stake, or whenever personal standing or belonging are threatened. When it hits home and inconveniences us, when it begins to cost us, we tell our leaders to just fix and we’ll look the other way when you lead us to compromise our God-given values. Regarding ECONOMIC reasons; let me give a current example. The vast majority of Americans opposed the Affordable Care Act and saw it as an absolute disaster for the economy and another means of violating our religious and conscience rights. But when our elected representatives, who represent our values, hold firm against these mandates in the Health Care Mandates, we turn against them and now blame them for the government shutdown. We don’t want unfit people to bring more children into this world – we’ll have to pay for it. So we consent to man’s law over God’s Law, and convince ourselves and others that it is the lesser of two evils. What else can we do, we ask. Many of you wrote after last week’s show to express your support, and I thank you. I was planning to focus today’s discussion on communism’s infiltration of the American education system. But in my studies, I couldn’t help but notice the communist agenda, which is very orderly, before it addresses education designed to dummy-down and indoctrinate our children, first addresses the elimination of our children. So I’ll plan to address the attacks on education and share with you my experience at a Students for a Democratic Society meeting in college.

 But one listener asked me to discuss the women’s liberation movement as the cause of all the problems we have today. The listener wrote, “It always starts with a woman – First in the garden of Eden, and now in America.” Yes, and that’s where we first see the woman blaming the devil, and the man blaming both the woman and God Who gave him this woman. And we’ve blamed each other to hide our own shame over our own failure to totally submit to God’s Will ever since. Well, an important part of America’s history of American women has been wiped out of our school textbooks of today. The early feminists - Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Staunton - fought for women’s right to vote not because of the glass ceiling, but first for the abolition of slavery and later because of forced abortions and child labor practices. They knew if they had the vote, as women of God, they could work to eradicate these social injustices. Without exception, the original feminists of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries opposed abortion and sought to address the root causes that forced women to abort. Women were forcibly held down by doctors, husbands and even some pastors to have their child aborted. And many children who came to term were forced into factories. All for economic reasons. These women, called suffragists for good reason, were maligned, beaten, and jailed to set an example for any other women thinking of joining their cause.

 Despite having the image of creating a ruckus, the suffragists staged silent protests at the White House. And as one would be arrested and taken away, another woman would take her place. The ruckus only began when men, including husbands, would intervene, and beat the women while the police looked on. Alice Paul, a young suffragist whom Susan B. Anthony had passed the movement on to, organized the first peaceful protests at the White House. The “silent sentinels,” just stood with signs, dressed in white, asking for the right to vote. In 1917, what the press called “The Night of Horror,” 200 men who had organized showed up and began beating the women while the police looked on. They stood at the White House every day. The women were arrested and taken to the Occoquan, VA workhouse and when one woman was arrested, another would take her place. At the Occoquan Workhouse they were stripped and beaten with the approval of officials and officers who looked on. Lucy Burns was hung by her handcuffs from the ceiling of her cell overnight, bleeding and gasping for air. Jailed leader Alice Paul went on a starvation protest, but eventually she was held her down by prison doctors and jailers and force-fed her through tubes until she vomited. That went on for two weeks until the press got a hold of it. And with all the pressure from publicity over the arrests and brutality of these early feminists, President Woodrow Wilson finally lent his support to the suffrage amendment in January 1918. Congress approved it, and after three years of silent protests and arrests, on August 18, 1920, with the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, women achieved the right to vote.

 Don’t you wonder what these women would say if they knew that today, only 25 percent of Christian women in our Country vote? But when the elderly Alice Paul was asked 50 years later of her thoughts on the modern women’s movement and legalization of abortion she replied, “Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.” So what connection does communism have in the modern feminist movement? Bella Dodd helped organize the Congress of American Women, a forerunner of the modern feminist movement. – Bella Dodd became head of the New York State Teachers Union and was a member of the National Council of the Communist Party U.S.A. until 1949. She testified before a Congressional Committee in 1953 following her Christian conversion that she was only one of hundreds who had successfully implemented communist agendas in US schools and had also personally recruited over one thousand communist sympathizers to infiltrate Church seminaries. She said the Communist Party operates by infiltrating and subverting social institutions like the churches, schools, mass media and government. Its aim was "to create new types of human beings who would conform to the blueprint of the world they confidently expected to control." She said communist groups had been successful in subverting every one of these institutions, including the American education system by taking over the American teacher's unions and learned societies. Only people who accepted their philosophies advanced in education, she testified. Again, I’ll talk more about their plan, largely executed, for education next time. But back to the communist efforts behind the modern feminist movement. Betty Friedan founded NOW, the National Organization for Women and wrote “The Feminist Mistique,” the 1963 best-seller which many historians believe was the impetus for the women’s liberation movement.

But three decades later, after the damage had been done and the economy dictated “no turning back now,” and communists throughout the world praise her to this day, Betty Friedan Goldstein gloated in confessing that by furthering the science of victim-ology onto American women, she was just doing her job as a Communist and a disciple of Joseph Stalin when she wrote her book, “The Feminist Mystique.” That’s right, friends. In the 1990’s it came out that she wasn’t really a frustrated housewife, trying to help other women who were victims of, “a comfortable concentration camp” as she called it, she was just doing her job as a communist to dismantle our American families. She said the Communist party USA celebrated the legalization of oral contraceptives and abortion because they knew these practices would actually enslave, not liberate, the American woman and homemaker, who once was the most privileged class of people in the entire world. Another influential woman for the communist cause, Norma McCorvey, who became Jane Roe of Roe vs Wade, made her case for legalization of abortion by claiming she was a victim of a gang rape when it was just a casual affair. It wasn’t until many years later, again, after the damage was done, that Norma revealed this too was a lie. Her ACLU attorneys needed an extreme case to gain the public’s sympathy. We don’t hear much about her, but since 1995 she’s dedicated her life to overturning Roe v. Wade. She says in her video ad, “I think it’s safe to say that the entire abortion industry is based on a lie…. “I am dedicated to spreading the truth about preserving the dignity of all human life from natural conception to natural death.” When abortion was legalized, it was intended to be safe, legal and rare, as its proponents put it. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, key witness for Roe v. Wade, confessed after his Christian conversion that he had lied when he testified before Congress. It was later revealed that leading abortion proponents knew the statistics were false but considered it to be “useful” in their public relations campaign. Even Planned Parenthood’s own leading statisticians admitted that the official statistics on deaths resulting from illegal abortion in 1972 were 39, not the thousands testified to Congress and the media. Does the media ever report that 400 women are documented by the Center for Disease control as having died from legalized abortions? A figure most believe is understated? Are you sensing a theme here?

When the enemy sets out to attack us from the inside out, the obvious solution is Grace – God living on the inside. We can’t do this without Him. When a young woman has an abortion, she goes back into to the same situation that drove her there. We must get involved with our children, our youth, especially in our churches – which most kids say never even address the issues they’re most confronted with!!! Let it be known you ARE someone they can come to if they are in a crisis, and you will be there for them through it all, and tell them a life of virtue is what they were created for, God wouldn’t command it if it was impractical to carry out, come on beloved! One baby aborted every three seconds in our country – why be appalled at the heinous acts committed by a generation raised under the philosophy of: a better world for one person, if someone else doesn’t exist. And it’s understandable for someone to believe that a baby born into an underprivileged situation could have no future and would be better off to never have lived – if you don’t believe God can and will intervene if we just cooperate with Him instead of the deceiver. Listen, I personally know women, nurses, who are, “in the trenches,” with troubled youth and grieve with them as they abort their babies. They’re hearts break for these girls and they do genuinely care. But they see no other option. Those many groups offering real solutions for at risk pregnancies get no government funding, and no platform in the press. But they’re out there. Just contact your area pregnancy center, and you’ll have plenty of options for your time or donations.

Friends, God is asking us to make sacrifices to help these young people up OUT of the trenches, not to make life more bearable down in there! This war against human life isn’t even logical. We spend nearly thirty billion a year in health costs to save the lives of premature infants who are wanted. Will eliminating thirty million in medical care for preemies be the next “logical” step in saving health care costs? Let’s be candid, we need to bring these discussions out in the open. Many Christian men and women will say, as I myself once did, that abortion is wrong but in the case of rape, it wouldn’t be fair to force that girl, and some say “my daughter”, to give birth to the reminder of that rape. We care, but we don’t always think. As if ending that pregnancy could wipe away such a reminder and persuading the innocent victims of such an act to now become partakers in a different kind of violence would heal that memory! As a humane people we decided that mutilating the rapist was unconscionable, but mutilating both the victims of rape is acceptable! Women who’ve given birth to babies conceived in rape or incest don’t see it that way. Look up their testimonies. They love their child as God’s way of bringing the ultimate blessing out of what was intended as evil. And what about women who’ve divorced because they were abused by their husbands and have a son or daughter who looks just like their father? Will it become understandable, since that child is a constant reminder of the abuser, for them to do away with THAT child? Abortion has played into the hands of the communist activists who promoted stigmas against pregnancy and motherhood, as well as the proven falsehood of the population explosion. They’ve been so successful they’re gloating on all of their blog sites, look them up and read what they are saying. And watch how we speak and joke to or about couples who obey God’s command to be fruitful and multiply and have more than two children! The over-population myth is another lie openly promoted by communists and swallowed by good people - Who’ve forgotten God’s plan in giving us the pro-creative act! Pregnancy resulting from the marital embrace isn’t an unfortunate side effect! Safe sex? What is that? Like safe driving means you get in your car but don’t go anywhere? We say each human being was created in God’s own image. But now we rationalize that life doesn’t really begin until, well until some time later. But was Jesus not God made flesh from the moment the Holy Spirit conceived Him in the womb of the Virgin Mary? Or was Jesus not really Jesus until, what, the second trimester? How many Christian parents have told their children they expect them to, not abstain from sex, but rather ATTAIN to purity and modesty? It’s a virtue, not a curse or a state of deprivation. It’s a gift to one’s self and their future spouse.

The Dad’s on Duck Dynasty aren’t afraid to pass that virtue on to their children, and the Young Life leaders at our son’s schools weren’t afraid to invite the kids to each sign a purity pledge and keep it as daily reminder to combat the daily barrage of sexually immoral messages they receive, another objective on the communists’ open agenda! After my interview with Mercedes Wilson on natural family planning, I heard from many of you, who after checking out the data were asking, “Why doesn’t our government promote natural family planning since, as one listener wrote : “Dear Donna Lou: My wonderful husband and I have been practicing natural family planning since we were married in 1995. There are lots of us out here! NFP is more effective (98 to 99 percent as opposed to 92 percent average for oral contraceptive use), more healthy, (doesn’t lead to infertility, breast cancer and blood clots as those steroids do!), it costs nothing and it promotes romance and unity in our marriage (divorce rate for couples practicing NFP is only one out of fifty verses 25 out of 50. Why doesn’t everybody know about this? Well, any communist would tell you, you answered your own question. It costs nothing and the other means cost you your quality of life. Am I exaggerating?

 In a 2005 press release, the World Health Organization released data from studies of 21 working scientists from 8 countries that declared that oral contraceptives are carcinogenic to humans and named them a class one carcinogen along with arsenic and asbestos. A 2006 release of nearly two dozen studies published by the Mayo Clinic showing that oral contraceptive use is associated with an increased risk (ranging from 26 percent) of breast cancer later in life. And that the biological basis for such a link is the same as the biological basis for an abortion-breast cancer link. One of the authors, Chris Kahlenborn, M.D., aware of high level efforts in government and medical associations to keep these kinds of studies from the public (even the 2005 World Health Organizations findings were covered over in the secular media while we hear all about arsenic TRACES in our rice or apple juice!) stated, "Anyone who is prescribing oral contraceptives has a duty to tell women that 21 of 23 studies showed an increased risk." He added, "As more information comes out, it's going to be increasingly difficult to suppress [the documented evidence from medical studies]. There's a growing sense that it's really just a matter of time before the lid blows on this thing. . . . We will start seeing a new attitude towards the pill, and it will be fueled by lawsuits." Not women’s health, but money will again do the talking.

 The goal to promote immorality through artificial birth control and to normalize disposing of an unwanted child is continuously, openly promoted by the Communist Party USA and the NEA to well-meaning people to eliminate poverty and child abuse, but they knew better. Skyrocketing statistics of our social and economic plagues coincide with the introduction of oral contraceptives and legalized abortion. Now we’re trying to put band-aids on the consequences, or call these evils good. Are there reforms needed? Yes, there always have been and always will be. But subverting God’s way with man’s way has never, ever, ever accomplished anything but a far more disastrous result. We’ve all been lied to, and we’re seeing the fruit of swallowing those lies. Not a single study has ever been published which shows that abortion, for any given reason, actually benefits the physical, emotional, economic, or social health of women, but rather only harms them physically, emotionally and spiritually. Problems that, in the long run, cost us far more than raising a child who most often becomes a tax payer. But all of this information is kept hidden from us, by our own government health agencies, who promote deadly practices as “every woman’s right.” All for economic reasons.

The only people benefiting from legalized abortion are not women, but the abortion industry profiteers and socialist/communist operatives who lie to us to our faces and laugh at us on their blog sites as they boast that we are pawns, Lenin’s “useful idiots” in their work to take America down. Is it too late? Well again, the very fact that they see our Christian Judeo traditional faith and values as their number one obstacle to achieving their goals, validates the power WE possess over such evil. We only need to choose to exercise it. To find the backbone to call evil “evil” again. And stop being like the Rich Man of the Gospel of Luke 16, ignoring the need outside of our own circles. And be what we were created to be: Radicals – it’s radical love of God and neighbor that overcomes evil. Have we traveled too far down this road of destruction to turn things around? The answer to that question is up to you, and me. So let us CHOOSE, this day, Who we will serve . . . and we must believe with our very lives that WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

The 'real' Lone Ranger, Bass Reeves.

"Who Was That Masked Man," Really?

He was an African-American lawman who lived among Native Americans in Oklahoma. The Story of Bass Reeves [click to read] is far more interesting than the modern portrayal of it. Born in slavery before the Civil War, Reeves found freedom in the midst of that conflict.

"His slave-keeper brought him along as another personal servant when he went off to fight with the Confederate Army, during the Civil War. Reeves took the chaos that ensued during the war to escape for freedom, after beating his “master” within an inch of his life, or according to some sources, to death. Perhaps the most intruiging thing about this escape was that Reeves only beat his enslaver after the latter lost sorely at a game of cards with Reeves and attacked him." -- Political Blindspot.

Fleeing to Oklahoma, Reeves found a home among the people of the Creek and Seminole Nations there. He really did become a U. S. Marshall and he worked alongside a Native American tracker. Like the legend he inspired, he was an expert marksman and is responsible for putting a number of criminals into the Federal Prison in Detroit.

Morning over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Old Rag Mountain.

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