Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Augusta Al' Didn't See His Shadow

Mysterious Marmot Fails to Materialize

'Augusta Al' hasn't come out yet. He may be history.

It is a bright sunny day. Of course that would mean six more weeks of Winter as 'Augusta Al,' the largest groundhog in our neighborhood, would undoubtedly see his shadow.

But, alas, I fear the untimely demise of 'Augusta Al' has occurred... victim of my neighbor's pistol practice. I'll keep you posted if I do see him.

Update: Bill O'Reilly actually interviewed Mr. Gore recently and Gore told him that the great blizzard over the Great Lakes region is actually the result of 'global warming.' Thus we are to assume that Augusta Al slept in today and did not see his shadow, Winter is no more due to 'global warming,' but if it snows 24" tomorrow that is a normal result of 'global warming.' WHATEVER weather comes our way is the result of 'global warming.'

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