Friday, February 18, 2011

Bill Bolling's 4th Annual Bloggers' Day

Citizen Journalism with a Better Flavor at the Capitol

David Karaffa and Jason Bibeau at the Capitol.

Lynn captured it so well. Four Bloggers [click to read] from the Valley got to spend the day as guests of Lt. Governor Bill Bolling and his staff. Here We are [click to read] at the morning briefing. In an economic climate that is abysmal on a national level, the administration was able to list a balanced budget and real job creation among its accomplishments. Lively discussion and a straight-up approach to addressing real issues appeared to be a genuine priority.

Delegate Ben Cline [click to read] and Senator Mark Obenshain [click to read] took the time to visit with us. These fine Conservative leaders genuinely value input and discussion of the bills before them.

Several times during the day I heard the expression: "in a perfect world..." usually referring to the need to find compromise or develop attainable goals. There was some good discussion about economic incentives. "In a perfect world..." companies would need no additional incentive to locate in Virginia. In the world we live in, it is sometimes necessary to make concessions in order to secure the committment of a company like Northrup/Grumman. Economic development sometimes requires investment.

The Transportation Bill was often part of our discussion as well. The Administration pooled money found in the VDOT audit, bonding authority already in place and some new borrowing to put our infrastructure needs on the front burner. Exit 91 on Interstate 64 will receive a much needed upgrade to handle traffic near the hospital. This will allow development to happen in this growing area without restrictions caused by the present narrow bridge.

After making hard cuts in the overall budget, the infrastructure investment is an investment in Virginia's long term future that can be safely made.

Here are Pictures [click to read] of us observing the legislative sessions.

Lynn Writes [click to read] in the Washington Examiner about Bloggers' Day.

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