Monday, July 25, 2011

Bears at the Beach!

Ursus Americanus Comeback in Coastal NC

A sign along NC Highway 168 warns of ursine activity.

A black bear in Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge goes out foraging...

...and takes a look at us looking at him.

I hadn't seen any bear yet this Summer, so when my daughter and her husband read something about them being spotted in the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, a trip there was in order. Rising before dawn, my wife, my daughter and her husband and myself headed over the bridge to Manteo. There were supposed to be alligator in there too, so we were excited to see wildlife!

We turned off US 64 onto a gravel road at the entrance to the preserve. There were no foot trails, it turned out and the only growls (initially) were from my fellow wildlife enthusiasts, who I'd asked not to wear deodorant. We'd be spotting from the car.

We spotted two bears from a great distance. as we crept closer in the car, they disappeared into thick vegetation. The third bear we saw was wandering in an open grassy area, just looking around. We watched him wander along the edge of a slough and browse. He took a look our car and nonchelantly wandered off.

We ended the morning with a walk on the short boardwalk trail through some swampy areas.

No, it's a log. Seen on the boardwalk trail in Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge.

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