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"It's Only a Model" NASA Data Says

New Data Challenges 'Global Warming' Theory

Beverly Street
February 2010 saw this record snow in Staunton on Beverley Street.

Data from NASA's Terra satellite challenges previous models that 'prove' global warming. Hypothesis based on the satellite's findings show that planet Earth actually releases heat into space, more than it retains it. The higher efficiency of releasing energy outside of Earth contradicts former forecasts of climate change.

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'The Day after Yesterday'
Global Warming Isn't About Observation Anyway

In 2007 we visited Alaska. Just outside Juneau we saw a glacier that was shrinking "due to global warming." Later we sailed past the mighty Hubbard Glacier, which is "growing due to global warming." How can both be true?

Easy! In the world of climate 'science' the observed phenomena simply are added to the narritive for the desired result. The 'coming ice age' was recast as 'global warming,' remember.

Back in the early sixties, my brothers and I went to see the movie Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. It's been a while but here's the plot synopsis:

A new research submarine takes to the seas [conveniently fitted with Polaris missles, more on that later] and embarks on her maiden voyage. It was a cool submarine too. There was a shark tank somewhere in her midsection. The sub's most interesting feature was a gigantic bay window in the prow for observing giant squid and other Jules Verne inspired monsters that will attack it during the course of the film.

Life in the research sub is humming along when suddenly the Van Allen belt, a radiation field around the Earth, catches fire. My father, a NASA engineer, chuckled at this one. It is impossible for a radiation field in space to catch fire. Still it made for a pretty good Earth-threatening disaster film.

The plucky scientists on the Seaview devise a means to put out the fire in the Van Allen belt but they have to argue their case before the United Nations. The fire is really heating up now and all the scenes in New York are shot through a red lens. To a ten year old it was pretty ominous. Their plan involves shooting a Polaris into the belt and exploding it.

True to form the United Nations debate ends in a denial of permission for the mission and the sub is now stuck in New York Harbor with blue helmets guarding every inch of her. Now the brave captain makes the decision to do it anyway. He submerges the sub and leaves the blue helmets swimming as he makes his escape.

Now he must evade the navies of the world. He must submerge to depths unimagined and face the perils of giant squid and other such creatures. Finally he is able to fire the missle and the Van Allen Belt fire is blown out! Hooray for American ingenuity and spirit!

They knew how to make good movies back then!

Fast forward to a few years ago. The kids brought home a movie called "The Day After Tomorrow." It too is a junk science disaster film but this time global warming causes super-sized hurricanes that somehow create a major chill down of whatever part of the Earth they cover... global warming causing freezing!

The movie is an odd juxtaposition of climate penance and self actualization as scientist Dad rescues his kid and his kid's girlfriend who are on a field trip to New York when this happens. Plucky son saves everybody from freezing by burning books in the New York Public Library. Young love blossoms as the world goes to hell. Inwardly I'm shouting "where's your Polaris missle?" There is no heroic effort to blow out the monster storms that I can see. The movie ends with a scene guaranteed to warm any leftist's heart. The United States is covered with Ice and the survivors are all refugees to Mexico "if they'll let us in." Of course, that is the real point of the movie anyway.

In my mind I rewrite the ending. In my version the scientist must choose between saving his son and saving the people of the United States. He makes the heroic choice.

Scientist goes against the United Nations and launches storm busting missles out of our Midwest silos. Storm is knocked out but scientist sacrifices rescuing son and stupid girlfriend who freeze in the New York Public Library because the librarian will not allow the defacing of books.

My ending would have been better.

Sailing Hubbard Glacier
Hubbard Glacier.

Mendenhal Glacier
Mendenhal Glacier near Juneau.

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