Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day in Arlington Virginia

Overlooking Our Nation's Capital's Celebration

Fireworks across the Potomac River.

We were in Arlington for the Fourth of July weekend working on the pipe organ in Old Post Chapel. The schedule for the chapel required us to work on Monday the fourth, so we found ourselves hard at work while families gathered on the hillside nearby to watch the fireworks aceoss the Potomac in Washington. It had been a long day. A huge storm on Sunday and the ensuing power outage had put us hours behind schedule so we determined to work late. Our mission was to tune the portion of the great organ that we had just restored.

We decided to take a break and watch the fireworks. Walking briskly, we followed families converging on the meadow. Little girls in red, white and blue dresses walked with Moms pushing strollers. Families spread out their blankets and waited for the big show.

We passed through a security checkpoint into the meadow, a sober reminder that there are those in this world who would want to spoil this party.

The fireworks were a wonder to behold. The show was bright and relatively brief. We made our way back to the chapel and completed the tuning while the crowds dispersed. We drove back to where we were staying well after the traffic had ceased.

The Old Post Chapel at Fort Myer...

...is used for military funerals all week long as well as religious services.

Red and white begonias outside the chapel.

Arlington National Cemetary, across the wall from the chapel, offers a reminder of the cost of freedom.



Monument to the astronauts of Space Shuttle Challenger.

Monument to the astronauts of Space Shuttle Columbia.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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