Monday, September 5, 2011

On Jumping to Conclusions

Some 'Information' is Best Left Unshared

While the sign may show insensitivity, it is not what it appears to be.

There is a reason I don't forward emails. Sometimes I feel compelled to learn a little more on my own before passing information along. This one is making the rounds now, showing a sign on the door of a 'Perfume Planet' store in Houston's Harwin Central Mall. The email states that the owner of the store is closing his business to honor one of the 09/11 hijackers.

A little research will show you that none of the hijacker/terrorists was named 'Ali.' The Imam Ali (Imam is a title for a religious leader, not a name). The Imam Ali is no modern day terorist, but rather a 7th Century cleric, a cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad.

Ali was attacked while praying in a mosque on the 19th day of Ramadan. He died two days later. A calendar coincidence placed the anniversary of his martyrdom on September 11 in 2009.

While the store's manager, Imran Chunawala, may legitimately be accused of insensitivity, the sign itself is no reference to the attacks on America in 2001. Perpetuating a slander against the man is a greater evil.

Sadly history is full of misinformation mishandled. Six million Jews died in the horror of Nazzi genocide. Misinformation fueled the campaign to exterminate them. In our own country, the extermination of Native Americans was similarly incited.

One of the saddest chapters of our National history is recorded in the book 'Trail of Tears.' The event was the extermination of a whole community of Moravian Cherokee. Befriended by the settlers of Eastern Pennsylvania and Central North Carolina, the Moravian Cherokee adapted the peaceful ways and the faith of their Moravian friends only to be slaughtered later as 'hostile savages.'

Red House Virginia's Terrorist Training Camp

Meanwhile, real threats seem to go unheeded my many in the MSM. A good example is this compound in rural Virginia. With enough real threats to consider, there is no need to create imaginary ones.

In the fight against worldwide terrorism, truth is our friend.

This is a fairly old Fox News report, but the content is still important.

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