Thursday, September 15, 2011

THYME Magazine

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Volume III, Issue XXXVII

The Rise of Rick Perry, MSM's Downfall

You know the story: "There's no one out there for the Republicans..." it seems like the MSM is obsessed with it. Take a look at the recent CNN Tea Party Debate, however, and you come away with the realization that Conservativism actually has a pretty deep bench. This week the 'other' weekly news magazine reports on 'The Rise of Rick Perry.' You can almost hear the frustration as Joe Klein embarks on another road trip in search of what he calls 'sanity in America.'

Klein's 'sanity' probably would consist of the Republican candidate being, at worst, Mitt Romney or at best, John McCain. Those crazy Tea Party Conservatives, according to MSM, are just too likely to scare away those all-important independents. When they say this, they're forgetting Ronald Reagan and a host of other solid Conservative candidates who won by articulating conservative principles.

All attempts to cast the Tea Party Conservatives as crazy racist fringe people fly in the face of the fact that they are the adults in the room. They WANT to talk about taking on government spending and runaway debt. They know that the definition of a 'Ponzi Scheme' fits the way Social Security actually is funded.

They're smart enough to know that a state executive with real experience has had to make some tough calls. They may disagree with some calls that executive has made, but they can see that real experience happens in the real world. Governing a state is a lot tougher than being a 'Community Organizer' or voting 'present.' One must actually digest the best information available and make the best call with it. Here is where Michele Bachmann might do well to remember some military history. Great campaigns and important victories are often realized after some initial moves that can be called no less than disasterous. Expecting perfect decisions is a little unrealistic.

They are hungry for leadership with a proven record creating a state environment friendly to job creation and industry. They are hungry for leadership that exhibits Faith and commitment to principles. They overwhelmingly voted for such candidates in the last election. They are working for 'sanity in America.' Joe, wake up and smell the coffee.

The Perils of Dividing Jerusalem

A Little Realism [click to read] from Michael J. Totten in City Journal.

Palestine's Nakba Narrative [click to read] by Sol Stern in City Journal.

The Palestinian Obsession [click to read] by Caroline B. Glick

"Every single Palestinian leader from the supposedly moderate Fatah party has rejected Israel's right to exist and stated that they will never set aside their demand that Israel accept millions of foreign born Arabs — the so-called Palestinian "refugees" -- as citizens. They say this with the full knowledge that this demand is nothing less than a demand for Israel's destruction." -- Caroline B. Glick

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