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Volume III, Issue XXXVI


It was the day after the attacks on the United States by Islamic extremists who hijacked airplanes and flew them into icons of American military and financial strength. Thousands were dead. The illusion of safety we had lived under was forever shattered.

Did you reach out and take the hand of a stanger to pray? Did you put your lunch money in a firefighter's outstretched boot? Did you gather with others in a church that evening?

Like the Continental Army camped at Valley Forge, we knew that our Nation and our way of life were in danger of being lost, and we came together.

'Beyond' 9/11

The mainstream media wants us to 'get over 9/11.' Andrew Breitbart [click to read] offers the details. The same people who want us to 'get over' the founding of our nation and who want us to 'get over' the foundational faith that has sustained us, want us to 'get over' this moment in history.

"The Mainstream Media would have you believe that a hurricane hitting a city that is below sea level and that has been struck by hurricanes repeatedly throughout its history is anomalous and open to yearly review, yet the terrorist attacks upon us is a matter we need to simply get over now! This is the same media that will show images of flooded homes and victims awaiting rescue in the aftermath of Katrina, but then make the excuses that we can’t show the images of 9-11 because of the trauma and possible hatred they would foster if shown annually." -- Kevin L. Martin

It was no small wonderment then that the 'other' weekly news magazine ran "What to Eat" as their cover for the issue dated September 12. To be fair, TIME publishes the issue a week before the issue date. Still it is interesting to see their commemorative issue crank out the following week, delivered early enough to be in readers' hands for the 9/11 weekend. It seems almost like an afterthought. To be fair, the issue commemorates the event and people, but the headline 'Beyond 9/11' seems to indicate that they'd like to move on from discussing the historical significance of that terrible day.

Miracles and Divine Protection in Manhattan

"Ten years ago this Sunday, Muslim terrorists rained death and destruction of unparalleled magnitude on an unsuspecting America at New York's Twin Towers and the Pentagon outside Washington. And while so many first responders gave their lives in their attempts to save others, one group witnessed a succession of open miracles — and no losses. A decade later, the leaders of Hatzolah, an EMT group whose members are comprised entirely of Orthodox Jewish volunteers, relive the Divine Providence of that horrifying day, which they didn't believe they'd survive" -- Eytan Kobre

"I'm here to listen to some prominent Hatzolah members share their recollections of 9/11 for the tenth anniversary coverage of that tragedy of tragedies — but I fail. Because as I sit across from Heshy Jacob, Hatzolah's indomitable president, it quickly becomes clear I've gotten it all wrong: For Heshy, as for Hatzolah CEO Rabbi Dovid Cohen and board member Zelig Gitelis, who joined our conversation, there are no 9/11 "anniversaries," tenth or otherwise. They — like the 185 other Hatzolah members who spent September 11, 2001, in downtown Manhattan — relive those frightening hours every day of their lives."

Read More [click to read] in Jewish World Review.

Jewish World Review editor Binyamin L. Jolkovsky offers a Packed Issue [click to read] of commentary and analysis of the day that is well worthy of recommendation. If you are not a regular reader of this fine publication, I urge you to begin today. Although it is delivered 'free' on the web, please treat it as any valuable news source and consider making a regular donation to cover your 'subscription.'

Myth and Reality after 9/11 [click to read] by Victor Davis Hanson in Jewish World Review.

Our Flag will be flying Sunday.

A Sampler from City Journal

Judith Miller:
New York 9/11/11 [click to read]
Ten years after the terror attacks, the city is safer, thanks to the NYPD—but the threat remains.

Victor Davis Hanson:
The Ripples of 9/11 [click to read]
A decade of surprises in the war on terror

Andrew Klavan:
When Hollywood Hit Rock Bottom [click to read]
Post-9/11, the film industry covered itself in shame.

Fred Siegel, Sol Stern:
Naming the 9/11 Enemy [click to read]
Our long struggle will only get longer if we refuse to understand radical Islamism.

Ron Radosh:
How Time and Newsweek Memorialize 9/11 [click to read]
The 'other other' weekly news magazine loses touch.

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