Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering September 11, 2001

The Attacks on America that Changed Our World

"No one here forgets that so many at the Pentagon never even made it to a hospital. Close friends, bosses and co-workers are dead. The Nation has, in many ways, begun to move on. Funerals have been held. War has been declared and fought. Suspects are being pursued. But in the hospital, life goes slower. In all, they were just seven men and women, not the many dozens or hundreds that doctors had expected. When Mike Kurtz first came to the emergency room burn unit on September 11, he didn't recognize his wife--a tiny body completely wrapped in bandages, connected to a bunch of tubes. But he soon discovered that it was Louise--petit, precise, loyal Louise. Louise, who is a size 8 and loves pink carnations, the color blue and Nara Roberts books." -- Steven Welch

When I read the story of Louise Kurtz, as published in the Washington Post, I found a hero. Mike Kurtz lovingly cared for his wife as she endured reconstructive surgery and a long season of rehabilitation.

"Everyday I ask her four questions. Are you breathing okay? Are you in pain? Are you hot? Are you cold? I ask those four questions because I can do something about those things. Those are the only things I can control for her." -- Mike Kurtz

Steven Welch has More [click to read].


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