Saturday, September 1, 2012

THYME Magazine

Citizen Journalism with a Better Flavor

Volume IV, Issue XXXVI

What Obama Knows Now...
...and What He Needs to Know Now!

The time was sometime in the 1970s. A National Geographic team was exploring the wonders of St. Petersburg, Russia (then still known as Leningrad). Years of propaganda had, no doubt, made the people of the city suspicious of the Americans. Then the unexpected happened.

Some older women ran forward and hugged and kissed the Americans. They remembered the time in World War II where the Americans were their liberators. Usually in the horrors of war, foreign armies are not fondly remembered, but on that day some young journalists learned an important lesson.

America may not be a faultless nation, indeed her history is usually pretty honest about her failings, but America IS a nation that looks beyond her institutions to find resources for managing human affairs. That young kids in green uniforms treated those who's country they occupied with kindness is a tribute to their Mothers and not to any form of central planning.

This is the America that Barack Obama seems to have missed as he was growing up in Indonesia, being mentored by Communist Frank Marshall Davis, and sleeping through the James Cone inspired sermons of Jeremiah Wright. Young Obama did not read enough Toqueville. He probably read too much Bill Ayers. The 'other' weekly news magazine features "What Obama Knows Now." No doubt, he's surprised by the resilience of a dream not given him by his Father!

Last week the staff of THYME viewed the movie 2016, Obama's America. Denesh D'Souza shares a lot of Barack Obama's early life experiences... both of them growing up in a British colony and coming to America. D'Souza gives some pretty good insight into Obama's life and the ideas that shaped his ideas. D'Souza recognizes the unique nature of America, Obama's upbringing prevents him from seeing it as more than another white colonial power.

The fact that Americans actually were sucessful in casting OFF Colonialism is lost on Obama. In fact, D'Souza shows how Obama thinks his greatest accomplishment will be to reduce America's strength. Because he fails to see what is good about America's uniqueness, Obama seeks to reduce her influence.

The results of this 'accomplishment' are a weakened economy and more unemployed Americans. D'Souza documents how Obama has tipped us towards Greece with debt, stifled domestic energy production and actually encouraged South American nations to drill for oil he has prohibited us from seeking.

The President seems to spend a lot of time lately deriding the successful. The problem is he looks to them for the revenue to increase his programs. He spends a lot of time on college campuses, where Marxist professors have 'fronted' for his act. He promises more student loans and 'free' contraceptives. Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke is one of his most eloquent spokespersons.

The problem comes when it is time to get a job and pay off those promises. Our debt held by foreign nations has skyrocketed. Innovators are scared to start or expand businesses. As Paul Ryan explains, the possibility of living in your childhood bedroom staring at faded Obama posters is becoming a stark reality for far too many young people today.


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