Friday, September 7, 2012

THYME Magazine

Citizen Journalism with a Better Flavor

Volume IV, Issue XXXVII

One Nation, Subsidized!

The 'other' weekly news magazines.

The 'other' weekly news magazine joins 'Newsweek' this week in a chorus of the message that 'Big Government' is now an essential part of our lives:

"The sun is shining on Miami Beach, and I wake up in subsidized housing. I throw on a T-shirt made of subsidized cotton, brush my teeth with subsidized water and eat cereal made of subsidized grain. Soon the chaos begins, two hours of pillow forts, dance parties and other craziness with two hyper kids and two hyper Boston terriers, until our subsidized nanny arrives to watch our 2-year-old. My wife Cristina then drives to her subsidized job while listening to the subsidized news on public radio. I bike our 4-year-old to school on public roads, play tennis on a public court…"

Yes, we're becoming Socialist Britian now. TIME proudly delivers what Ed Driscoll calls: "an article-length version of Obama's 'You Didn't Build It' speech."

The same issue proclaims the Democrats the 'optimists' now. No, THYME, Paul Ryan is the optimist. He believes in the promise of America and wants to save it! Denesh D'Souza makes the point that Anti-colonialist Obama is happy to downsize America.

Every family knows that when you've got a lot of expenses, you cut out the cable tv. Have you seen how much 'big bird' licensed merchandise is out there? Big Bird can pay his own way. Also, if you write for the 'other' weekly news magazine, I'll bet you can afford your own child care! Your royalty check is bigger than mine!

Those roads? They are a legitimate public expense that I thought came out of my fuel taxes. Schools are funded by my property and sales taxes. Hey, we pay YOU before you pay us! At least that's how it is supposed to work.

But families also know something else. If you are borrowing against your house, you do NOT want to devalue it. Obama's downsized America coupled with record debt is a disaster in the making.


Finally, if you are in a financial crisis, you seek new ways to make money instead of relying heavily on borrowing. Domestic oil and gas reserves await tapping. The Keystone Pipeline needs to be built. Subsidizing South American oil production while stifling our own is, in my mind, not very optimistic.



staceymorris2 said...

Obama has it backwards, government didn't build that the American taxpayers did. Without the rich, the small and large businesses and Americans who work for a living and pay their share, there are no public works! Just look at cities like Detroit where those taxpayers have abandoned ship. Where is government then?

Bob K. said...

Worse yet, government is abdicating its proper role in authorizing the Keystone Pipeline and domestic energy production. This is a national security matter with serious reprocussions if we fail to act now.