Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The 'Hundred Days'

Reminds Me of the One Hundred Days Before Waterloo

I watched The Count of Monte Christo recently [the new vewrsion with James Caviezel]. I became fascinated with the historical context of the film which was when the banished Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from the island of Elba and marched on Paris.

The period of Napoleon's brief return to power is known in history as the 'Hundred Days.' What ended it? Waterloo!

The Battle of Waterloo. Painting by William Sadler II.

Song by Stonewall Jackson

Waterloo Waterloo where will you meet your Waterloo
Every puppy has his day everybody has to pay
Everybody has to meet his Waterloo

Now ole Adam was the first in history
With an apple he was tempted and deceived
Just for spite the devil made him take a bite
And that's where ole Adam met his Waterloo


Little General Napoleon of France
Tried to conquer the world but lost his pants
Met defeat known as Bonaparte's retreat
And that's where Napoleon met his Waterloo


Now a feller who's darling proved untrue
Took her life but he lost his too
Now he swings where the little birdie sings
And that's where Tom Dooley met his Waterloo


Show over Substance

The President's Plane is Dissing

Here is Some Interesting Commentary [click to read] from SWAC Girl and Yankee Phil on the "Photo Op" with the President's plane that looked like a possible terrorist attack... ...or "man-caused disaster" if you MUST call it that.

Yankee Phillip: I was an NYPD Cop [click to read].

Listen to the Alan Jackson song. I can't make it through the song without shedding some tears.

The Cross found at Ground Zero. Photo by Samuel Li. CC

Michelle Malkin Has These Thoughts [click to read].

The Cost to Taxpayers: $328,835.00 [click to read]. ht/SWAC Girl

How Laws Have Replaced Civility

Wisdom from Walter Williams

Walter Williams Writes [click to read] on this important topic:

"A civilized society's first line of defense is not the law, police and courts but customs, traditions and moral values. Behavioral norms, mostly transmitted by example, word of mouth and religious teachings, represent a body of wisdom distilled over the ages through experience and trial and error. They include important thou-shalt-nots such as shalt not murder, shalt not steal, shalt not lie and cheat, but they also include all those courtesies one might call ladylike and gentlemanly conduct. The failure to fully transmit values and traditions to subsequent generations represents one of the failings of the so-called greatest generation."


Spring Continues to Blossom


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

National Tea Party

It is Time to March on Washington


Learn More Here, Register Now! [click to read]

Messiah Myopia

Golden Calf or Just More Bull?

Artist Michael D'Antuono's painting of the President with a crown of thorns. This was painted to celebrate the first hundred days of the administration. So, is Obama the Twelfth Iman?

Thirty years ago thousands of people in Iran welcomed the returning Ayatolla thinking perhaps that he just might be the Twelfth Iman.

When Jim Jones spoke a lot of people drank the Kool-aid.

Thousands of years ago, at the foot of Mount Sinai, the people grew restless as Moses received the law from G-d. They melted down some Egyptian gold and "made their own."

Although many of us hold to the promise of redemption G-d has placed in inspired texts, the world still grows restless. Do it yourself redeemers are still part of an attempt to fill a basic human longing. We want to be redeemed. The problem is we bristle at a Redeemer who comes with authority. We want a cheaper redemption than the Divine does.

When a 'Miss World' contestant is asked her views on marriage and she speaks from her faith, she is ridiculed. How DARE she state that G-d might have narrowly defined it. Yet there are those who want to take the imagery of Christianity and replace the message. Michael D'Antuono says he simply wants to use his painting to start a dialogue. May I add this thought to that dialogue: Is your redeemer big enough to... ...redeem you?

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Dogwoods and Redbuds...

I have to feel that the glory of Creation renewing itself in the Spring is G-d saying that He hasn't given up on the world.

Dogwood flowers.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Looking Ahead to 2010

The 'Grassroots' Folks are Here to Stay!

The Next Election Starts Today [click to read] -- Richmond Tea Party

Here's How the Grassroots Will Have an Influence [click to read] on the next election according to WND.

With terrorism redefined as a 'man-caused disaster' and G-d fearing Patriots redefined as 'right wing extremists' the Grassroots has their work cut out for them. Not that they aren't up to the task if the recent Tea Parties are any indication.

And here's the real beauty of it. Fox DIDN"T cause it. Michael Steele COULDN'T. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin can only feed it. It is a movement of, by and for THE PEOPLE!

That is the American People. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents and co-dependents; people who don't know what to call themselves. Black, White, Red, Mellow and Yellow. People from all over this wonderful melting pot of the world's great peoples.

That great 'entertainer,' Rush Limbaugh says again and again that he merely affirms those beliefs many Americans already hold dear but have seen trampled by politicians of all stripes.

These are people who reach out to their friends and neighbors with hope that is based in basic truth -- that is why we love to share it.

We may find a warm welcome as we enter the political process, but it is often as likely we will not. We will politely and persistantly pursue high ideals in our public discourse but we will not be surprised or deterred if some consider us unwelcome.

Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Town Hall for Hope

You Can Refuse to Participate in the Recession

Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope [click to read] was tonight. It was broadcast to thousands of venues from Oklahoma City and was a clear call to avoid panic but arm yourself with the facts.

Mr. Ramsey, who has a regular show on Fox, urged Americans to Get up and take action; get informed and continue in the great tradition of giving. He made a pretty straight comparison of our present economic woes with the situation we faced in the mid-1970's and in the early eighties. Yes, many indicators were worse then.

Sounds like someone WANTS us to be in panic mode.

Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple leaves emerging.

Call to Action

The Tea Party Movement is Just Beginning

Mid July, 2009
A Citizen Protest and Rally for Liberty
Time and Place TBA
Guest Speaker
Educational Tools to Arm Yourself with Knowledge
followed by a Statewide Pre-Election Event
focusing on the November Elections

for Tea Party Patriots and all like-minded Patriots
Richmond, VA
Early Fall, 2009
Check out the Richmond Tea Party Resource Section [click to read].
Some really good books are recommended.

We're all part of the movement. Here David Karaffa Presents Tea Bags to Mark Warner [click to read] on the Senator's recent visit to Staunton. We're discovering the need to be involved in the process and that people on both sides of the aisle need to get the message.

We'll be out there helping our friends and neighbors with the resources they need to be properly represented in our representative republic.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

'Civility' and 'Tolerance'

Another Reason I Prefer Respect to 'Tolerance'

"They told us if Barack Obama were elected, the nation would come together. Souls would be fixed. Spirits would be healed. Public discourse would be elevated. Welcome to civility and tolerance in the Age of Obama" - Michelle Malkin

Today Michelle Malkin Comments [click to read] on the particularly vile bashing of beauty queen contestant Carrie Prejean, simply because she politely expressed her belief in the traditional definition of marriage. If only one viewpoint is 'acceptable' why did the interviewer even bother to ask?

Ms. Malkin goes on to document how the left allows threats of violence and intimidation of campus speakers who don't toe the 'politically correct' line. She then turns her attention to the so-called 'mainstream' journalists who turned to juvenile potty language in their reporting of the Tea Party protests.

Ms. Malkin has done a masterful job of describing the left's thuggish tactics for establishing a leftist secular culture in our national dialogue.

Spring Leaves

Miracles Unfold Overnight

Oak leaves unfolding.

Oak leaves.



Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple.

Affirming Unborn Life

Ms. Napolitano, it is a Matter of Conscience

New dogwood blossoms.

For many years we have supported the work of Comfort Care Women's Health, a ministry that cares for women and their unborn children. If you believe that unborn human beings deserve basic protection and peacefully work to provide care for both mother and baby it is a reasonable response to the dictates of your conscience.

If you are pro-life, this is basic. If you are pro-choice, this is an essential part of the choice. That is why I invite everyone who cares about this issue to Support this Ministry [click to read]. I will be walking in the Walk for Life and would be honored if you would consider supporting this cause with me.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Japanese Maple

Leaves Unfolding

Japanese Maple
Maple leaves open like an origami crane.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Tea Sir? Interview with Lawrence Reed

Resourses for the Battle Ahead

This morning I was driving over to the mountains for a hike when I heard Lawrence Reed Being Interviewed [click to read and listen] on the radio. I had discovered this economics expert before as I explored the eery parallells of our present crisis to the one we faced in 1929.

He is a solid historian and his knowledge of the Smoot-Halley Tariff and its effects on our economy convinced me to read his 'Great Myths of the Great Depression,' a pamphlet-sized book that is packed with essential information for all Americans who want to understand the true history of the depression. Consider the following Reed observations:

"The economy was only in recession in the spring of 1930. The stock market had rebounded from its crash and regained half of the value it lost. The recession became a depression with the Smoot-Halley Tariff that choked off international trade. Two years later with double-digit unemployment, the government doubled income taxes and unemployment went higher. So we must guard against protectionist trade policies during this recession.

There's no example in history of government spending ending a recession. There's only a short-term positive impact from stimulus of expanding the money supply. But expanding the money supply lessens the value of the currency."

Taking money from those doing things the right way and giving it to people doing things the wrong way makes no sense. It diminished incentive for being successful. It also harms production, and drives away investors. I don't think the economic stimulus package will help our economy in the long-term.

A better approach is fiscally responsible government, lower taxes and personal responsibility that produces prosperity. Don’t be timid about speaking out as in individual citizen. If you think the country is going in the wrong direction, tell your congressman. Speak authoritatively, carefully, and gently. Encourage your family and friends to do the same."

Yesterday I mentioned some point from Mr. Reed's writings to a client who replied: "that is all so beyond my understanding." I said "No its not, you just have to read the right things." I have to feel that if Mr. Reed can make it clear to ME, then ANYBODY should be able to understand some basic economic principles.

The Foundation for Economic Education [click to read] offers a lot of good resources by Mr. Reed and many other authors. It's solid scholarship but it is in language that is both understandable and interesting. Their website is: if you would like to learn more.

This shelter at Sherando Lake was built by young men in Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rebuilding Community

Why Conservatives Should Care About Transit

This Piece [click to read] by David Schaengold makes a good case for thinking outside of the box.

"Public transit and walkable neighborhoods are necessary for the creation of a country where families and communities can flourish"

"A common misperception is that the current American state of auto-dependency is a result of the free market doing its work. In fact, a variety of government interventions ensure that the transportation “market” is skewed towards car-ownership."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thousands for Tea

Did Anybody Get an Aerial Shot of the Crowd?

The Family Foundation Had This to Say [click to read] about the Great Richmond Tea Party.

"Thousands, yes thousands, of citizens turned out this evening for the Richmond Tea Party! Reports from across the state indicate large crowds at various events, but I don’t think anyone expected what is happening in downtown Richmond. Speaking with people there estimates ranged from four to seven thousand people - not exaggerations at all. Everyone was amazed."

Answering the President and Newsweek

The Reports of Christian America's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Here's a Great Response [click to read] from Glenn T. Stanton to the Newsweek piece on the declining percentage of people identifying themselves as Christian in the United States. If you look at the numbers though, the Church actually grew, though it did not keep pace with the growth of the population.

Consider the fact that in 1958, when most people would identify themselves as Christian, there was still prayer in school. Faith was not ghettoed from the public life and even the uninterested would still consider themselves part of something that was driven by Judeo-Christian worldview. Even the movie industry of that day produced films like "The Ten Commandments" and "The Longest Day." Popular culture at least acknowledged noble ideas if it didn't celebrate them outright. No one was 'offended' by prayer offered at everything from football games to public meetings.

In fact, the culture encouraged a presence in religious life. A scene in "The Right Stuff'" says it all. The newly introduced astronauts are at a press conference where a reporter asks: "Do you attend church regularly?" to which Alan Shepard replies: "Oh yes, I attend church regularly." In such a culture, one identifies himself as Christian almost by default. There is no need to 'get off the fence' to make a decision. In our day that is no longer the case.

Today's popular culture celebrates anything but Christianity. One more likely defaults to a more naturalistic or transcendent worldview because that is the one seen in the media output of the day. Self-actualization gets a whole lot more press than giving oneself to things eternal. In fact, the Twenty-first Century Church is on its own when it comes to getting the message out that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

In that light, the fact that the Church is growing is significant in its own right. There is still much spiritual hunger in the world and one popular culture genre, science fiction, gets it. Consider films like "Star Wars" and "Matrix," who's themes resonate with those of Christian redemtion. Timeless themes do not go away, but find expression in new ways. People still want redemption, but much of the culture dismisses the hope of it actually happening.

The film 'Slumdog Millionaire' presents an odd 'redemption.' The Mumbai slums, beggar gangs, mutilation and misuse of children are all too real. Most children in urban slums will not win a game show, but there is real redemption that sometimes reaches them. Christians like Wes Stafford of Compassion International team with the local Christians in hundreds of these cities to bring real ongoing aid to families in poverty. Mother Theresa spent her life in a uniquely Christian response to this need. History has always had a precious few who actually lived as Christ lived. Those are the lives that influenced others to turn to Christianity when it wasn't the 'default' faith.

People like John Newton and his friend William Wiberforce ended British slavery. Dorethea Dix pioneered compassionate treatment of the mentally ill. There are still people living in that light today. Their activism springs from their faith in Jesus Christ. It cannot be explained apart from it.

Certainly the diminished influence of faith is cause for concern, but to assert that it is no longer significant misses the story as well.

The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798

from Folwell's "Laws of the U.S."

[As mentioned by Rush Limbaugh today] The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) attempt to demonize many as 'right wing extremists' has a historic precident.

Under the threat of war with France, Congress in 1798 passed four laws in an effort to strengthen the Federal government. Known collectively as the Alien and Sedition Acts, the legislation sponsored by theFederalists was also intended to quell any political opposition from the Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson.The first of the laws was the Naturalization Act, passed by Congresson June 18. This act required that aliens be residents for 14 years instead of 5 years before they became eligible for U.S. citizenship.Congress then passed the Alien Act on June 25, authorizing the President to deport aliens "dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States" during peacetime.

The third law, the Alien Enemies Act, was enacted by Congress on July6. This act allowed the wartime arrest, imprisonment and deportation of any alien subject to an enemy power.

The last of the laws, the Sedition Act, passed on July 14 declared that any treasonable activity, including the publication of "any false, scandalous and malicious writing," was a high misdemeanor, punishable by fine and imprisonment. By virtue of this legislation twenty-five men, most of them editors of Republican newspapers, were arrested and their newspapers forced to shut down.

One of the men arrested was Benjamin Franklin's grandson, Benjamin Franklin Bache, editor of the Philadelphia Democrat-Republican Aurora. Charged with libeling President Adams, Bache's arrest erupted in a public outcry against all of the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Many Americans questioned the constitutionality of these laws. Indeed, public opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts was so great that they were in part responsible for the election of Thomas Jefferson, a Republican, to the presidency in 1800. Once in office, Jefferson pardoned all those convicted under the Sedition Act, while Congress restored all fines paid with interest.

Monticello Opens New Visitors Center

Unique Center Celebrates Third President's Legacy

My rendering of the proposed center.

Here is the Story [click to read] of the grand opening of the Monticello Visitors Center designed by Ayers Saint Gross. The rendering by The Kirchman Studio was used for promotion and development purposes. We are pleased to have had a small part in this great project.

Tea Time for America

Washington, Are You Listening?

Creative signs were seen all over the country!

The Movement has just begun! Coast to Coast Tea Parties Demanded Responsible Government [click to read] but that's just the starting point. Here's a Petition [click to sign] that sends a specific message to our elected officials.

3500-4000 people filled Kanawha Plaza in Richmond and other Virginia cities had strong attendance in spite of a generally dreary rainy day.

But this is only the beginning. Read the Call to Action [click to read] and be inspired for the work ahead!

You Might Be a 'Right Wing Extremist' if...

You're a Veteran, You're Pro-Life, You Oppose Illegal Immigration

That according to a Report Put Out by Janet Napolitano [click to read] that pretty much puts all who disagree with certain policies of the administration on Homeland Security's short list.

Outraged? Here's where to exercise your First Amendment right to Free Speech [while you still can]:

Secretary Janet Napolitano
Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Washington, DC 20528

(202) 282-8495

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington D.C., 20500

(202) 456-1414

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Life

There is More that is Certain than Death and Taxes!

A pine ready to branch out.

Maple 'propellers.'

Letter from an American Soldier

'Fight for me as I will surely fight for you!'


Tea Party Participants,

I am a Soldier in the United States Army and I wish I could be there with you today. Instead I am flying over Europe now and will be waiting transportation to Afghanistan to further our assault on terrorist hiding grounds and insurgents in that barren land. I swore my oath many times over the past decade and regardless of my future I will continue to uphold it. What I fear is that you may not be so relentless, prove me wrong.

It is your duty to defend this land at home while we are away keeping the wolves at bay. It is your charge to empower righteous men and women with the responsibility to uphold the Constitution and the principles of our land. It is your responsibility to ensure we recognize the nation we left.

So today on April 15th at Nationwide Tea Party, I ask you to stand up. Be strong, defiant, and challenge an overbearing government asking you to give all for little in return. You do not beg for a handout and you do not slap away those that do. You point them in the right direction while showing them the way towards success. I want you to remember this while your nation’s warriors endure tirelessly to ensure you do not relive a terrorist attack or other devastating blow. We are not perfect, we will not stop every attack. But we are trying. So you must try. You must try to give us a nation we recognize. You must allow us to come home and be peaceful. You must stand up for us while we are gone.


So carry this day and remember April 15, 2009. This is your day! Show the government where you stand and how you will defend your livelihood. Show them your displeasure with their behavior and forget not come November 2010! Remember remember the 15th! FIGHT ON!

--Sent out by Mickey White


Washington Praying

Broken Windows and Somali Pirates

Some Thoughts from Newt Gingrich

Today is the day!

Here's Newt's Thoughts [click to read] as we are ready for tea party day!

"Today I want to discuss what Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Police Chief William Bratton’s success in lowering crime in New York City has to do with the piracy issue today. But first, let me give you three reasons to go out and be a part of a Tax Day Tea Party TODAY:

If you’re a 50-year old-with a college degree, you will pay approximately $81,000 over your working life just to pay the interest on the debt in the Obama budget.

If you’re a 40-year-old, you’ll pay $132,000.

And if you’re a 20-year-old, just starting out after college, you will pay a whopping $114,000 just to service the interest on the debt created by the Obama budget." -- Newt Gingrich

Taxed Enough Already?

Time for a Tea Party [click to read]

April 15, 2009
6:00 - 7:30 pm
Kanawha Plaza, South 8th St.Near Richmond Federal Reserve

Parking Information [click to read] and Directions [click to read]

Check out the Sign Contest [click to read] Be Creative!


Local Events [Staunton Area]

Gypsy Hill Park near the Armory
6-7:30 pm

Expoland in Fishersville (Rt. 608 exit off I-64)
7:00 pm - INDOOR EVENT

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Party Required Reading

The Free Market Did NOT Cause the Great Depression


Great Myths of the Great Depression [Click to Read] by Lawrence W. Reed

"President Herbert Hoover is mistakenly presented in standard history texts as a laissez-faire president, but he signed into law so many costly and foolish bills that one of Franklin Roosevelt’s top aides later said that “practically the whole New Deal was extrapolated from programs that Hoover started.”

"Americans voted for Franlin Roosevelt in 1932, expecting him to adhere to the Democratic Party platform, which called for less government spending and regulation." -- Lawrence W. Reed

The really frightening thing about history is how it repeats itself.

Update: More Required Reading:


In light of the President's recent assertion that 'America is not a Christian Nation' I would like to offer Alvin Schmidt's book Under the Influence, How Christianity Changed the World. There are many legitimate arguments to be made about how Faith and Government should function together but a look at the principles that our Nation was founded upon will show a clear Judeo-Christian influence.

"If no other consideration had convinced me of the value of the Christian life, the Christlike work which the Church of all denominations in America has done during the last 35 years for the elevation of the black man would have made me a Christian." -- Booker T. Washington in 'Up from Slavery' (1901)

Update: More Required Reading:

Judge Roy Moore writes: To Whom Should We Bow [click to read]

And my thoughts, Climb Every Mountain [click to read]

April 15, 2009 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Kanawha Plaza, South 8th St.
Near Richmond Federal Reserve

Richmond Tea Party Update:

Here's the Latest from the Richmond Tea Party [click to read]. Please note that there is no bus from the Shenandoah Valley. Also note the correct time is 6:00pm.

Monday, April 13, 2009

'Merchant Marine Organzers'

Reaching Out to the 'Moderate' Pirate Community

Here's the Post from Exurban Leage [click to read] that was mentioned on Rush's show Friday. Thankfully the Navy Seals carried out their rescue with great success and the Captain is free! The pirates have learned the hard way that there are still Americans with a lot of grit and the resolve to carry out their mission... and they are pretty good shots too.

It was night. The Navy sharpshooters only needed three shots to fell three pirates... and that's at night in choppy seas! Also, one pirate had a gun on the back of the Captain making timing everything.

"For too long, America has been too dismissive of the proud culture and invaluable contributions of the Pirate Community. Whether it is their pioneering work with prosthetics, husbandry of tropical birds or fanciful fashion sense, America owes a deep debt to Pirates." -- from the Exurban League Post

So what is to be done about the 'Pirates of the Potomac?' Join a Tea Party [click to read] and find out.

Somali pirates still demand millions, these guys demand trillions!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Real Hope for All Time

Redemption and Resurrection

Flowering Tree.

The freeing of G-d's people from bondage, the freeing of G-d's people from the bondage of sin, the suffering servant, there are many things we remember this season.

But we should read Isaiah 60, Revelation 21 and 22 and look at the hope G-d would have us hold to. The King who became a servant and died to free sin's hostages returns as a Bridegroom!

And here is the hope: Men with renewed hearts, in right relationship with G-d, will fellowship wth Him in a renewed Heaven and a renewed Earth.

What a promise!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

'Hope and Change'

Sending Eric Cantor to Room 101

My April Fools post is becoming decidedly not funny. Unfortunately the present administration seems to have learned how to deal with opposition from Orwell's novel.

The WSJ Reports on the Administration's Attempt to Destroy Eric Cantor [click to read]. (ht/SWAC Girl). Cantor, you remember, made some honest criticisms of the stimulous package only to be told to sit down because "I (Obama) won." The problem is Mr. Cantor won too. In 2002 Cantor defeated Ben Jones, the actor who played 'Cooter' on 'Dukes of Hazzard' quite handily. In a representative republic I consider him MY representative. He was properly executing his responsibility by speaking out.

I know Mr. Obama wishes he could have Ben Jones in congress, fixing the economy just like old 'Cooter' fixed the 'General Lee' after it was wrecked in just about every episode, but both scenarios are, to put it bluntly, fiction. The show's producers actually had about twenty Dodge Chargers when the series started. They 'recycled' some of the crash scenes too. Ben Jones owned some of the cars that survived and you could see one at his store in Sperryville.

Unfortunately there is only one United States economy. You can't wreck it every week to get ratings and see it completely restored in the next episode.

At the G20 Summit, Mr. Obama Dissed the Declaration of Independence [click to read]. He seems intent to override our national sovreignty. Right now we need a Jefferson, ready to take on the Barbary Pirates, not someone intent on giving away the store.

Eric Cantor is not alone. Look at the Attacks on Bob McDonnell [click to read]! So, where are the lofty new ideas we were promised? Looks like politics as usual to me.

I'll leave you a quote from a time when we knew what 'Hope and Change' were supposed to look like:

"Whatever else history may say about me when I’m gone, I hope it will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears; to your confidence rather than your doubts. My dream is that you will travel the road ahead with liberty’s lamp guiding your steps and opportunity’s arm steadying your way.” -- Ronald Reagan

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Life

Spring is an Affirmation

Spring flowers are out.

Sunday School Window
Sunday School window at Staunton Alliance Church.

Sanctuary Window
Sanctuary window at Staunton Alliance Church.

Passover and Easter are almost here! This is a time to think of G-d's deliverance and redemption. Sunday we celebrated Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Yesterday I read of how he drove the money changers out of the temple court.

The place was the Court of the Gentiles to be specific. Jesus says that the temple was to be a "house of prayer" but they had made it "a den of thieves." The whole of the verse he references is "house of prayer for all nations." Abraham was told that through his seed all nations would be blessed. How could the nations come in if their courtyard was taken over by the money changers?

"Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar; for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people." - Isaiah 56:7

Mission Flags
Flags of many nations.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hayim Solomon

The Banker Patriot

We tend to think of the first patriots as a bunch of overtaxed and underrepresented English white guys. They weren't all English, in fact Haym Salomon [Hayim Solomon] was born in 1740 in Leszno/Lissia,Poland. His father was a Rabbi in Poland, who moved there from Portugal.

In 1772 Haym came to New York City. He was a merchant and also a financier. By 1776 he was involved in the move for independence and was imprisoned by the British as a spy. During the course of the Revolution he was almost hanged by the British, had all his property seized and narrowly escaped to Philadelphia where he made another fortune as a merchant, broker and auctioneer.

In 1777 Haym married Rachel Franks. They would ultimately have four children.

Haym managed to keep finances coming to the struggling Continental Army. He loaned a lot of his own funds to the cause. He is considered the financial hero of the Revolution. In 1783, after the war, a fraction of the money was actually repaid.

1975 postage stamp honoring Haym Salomon.

Big Brother Update

World Net Daily had This interesting Article:

Life with Big Brother [click to read]
Will Bill Give Obama Control Over the Internet?

Interesting in light of my post for April First.

Pamela Geller Has this to Say About Internet 'Favoritism' [click to read] With friends like these, does Obama need legislation?

Also, look what Tim Kaine took out of legislation designed to protect citizens who take action against the government... the protection! Read More [click to read] at SWAC Girl.

Defining Dystopia:

dys·to·pia (dis tō′pē ə)
1. a hypothetical place, society, or situation in which conditions and the quality of life are dreadful
2. a novel or other work depicting a dystopian society or place
dys- + (U)topia

"Anyone who wants to know what lies ahead really only needs three things. An understanding of George Orwell's 1984, Ayn Rand's prophetic Atlas Shrugged and the Bible's Book of Revelation. The puzzle pieces fit when they're meant to." - Sarah For America

Friday, April 3, 2009

Respecting Conscience

Medical Workers Conscience Protection set to Expire

the Obama Administration is losing no time in trying to force medical workers of faith into providing services they find objectionable.

On February 27, it announced its intention to remove current regulations, put in place by the Bush Administration late last year, that protect conscience rights in health care. On March 10, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a formal proposal to rescind these regulations, thereby activating a 30-day period for the public to submit comments.

The National Committee for a Human Life Amendment has devised an Action Alert explaining why the regulations should be retained and providing directions on how to submit comments to HHS (click here). E-mail messages can be sent directly through the NCHLA Action Center. A preset message is provided, to which the sender can add personal comments.

Please submit your comments before the April 9 deadline!

Brown's Gap Turnpike
Brown's Gap Turnpike in Shenandoah National Park.

'Tolerance' vs Respect

My Previous Thoughts on Conscience Protection [click to read]

Our Country has enjoyed a long history of respecting matters of conscience. Mennonites and members of the Society of Friends are exemted from military service for this reason and they are considered no less good citizens.

Recent rulings such as the one against E Harmony pose a serious threat to this noble tradition. Consider the Case of Catholic Adoption Agencies in Massachussetts. A similar court ruling required Catholic Adoption Services to give children to same-sex couples. Conscience demanded that the adoption agency shut down rather than violate its beliefs. Thus such 'judicial tyranny' actually kills diversity by making it impossible for good people to continue operating in violation of their own principles.

Pharmacists also face similar pressure. The development of abortion by drugs created a situation where pro-life pharmacists would violate their beliefs if they dispensed these drugs. It seems that common sense would dictate that those objecting pharmacists would be respected. There are alternative sources of these abortion drugs, but the intent is clearly not diversity but the imposition of a new civil morality that overrides Judeo-Christian principles.

Thus the new'tolerance' flies in the face of the basic guarantees of the First Amendment. The so-called 'alternatives' they seek to promote already exist in our pluralistic society. Such judicial initiatives only serve to silence opposition.

This 70 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Thomas Nelson Publishers and Zondervan is further evidence of how the 'gay agenda' is working through the courts. The specifics of this case are important to consider. The two publishers are being sued for 'publishing Bibles containing passages condemning homosexuality.' That's a Catch-22 for any publisher who seeks to provide unaltered original text to their customers.

There are plenty of 'politically correct' translations available to those who want them. When Thomas Jefferson found parts of the Bible objectionable, he published his own severely edited version. He did not seek to supress the publication of the original texts but offered his own alternative reading. Today you can find gender-neutral translations if that is what you prefer and versions that skip over the parts of Leviticus that bother some activists. Once again: "...the intent is clearly not diversity but the imposition of a new civil morality that overrides Judeo-Christian principles."

Update: Today is the Last Dayf or Public Comment:

Today is the Last Day [click to read] for the public to weigh in on whether it backs the Obama administration's decision to wipe out the conscience clause.


(202) 456-1414

The White House1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington D.C., 20500

Send comments to asking that the existing regulations be maintained. You must send your e-mail by the April 9 deadline.

Babes in Dystopia

The Dangers of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

This isn't about protecting children from the world's true horrors, It is About Pushing a Globalist Agenda [click to read]. The target is your children and the erosion of your parental rights.

Mike Farris will appear on Valley Forum leader Dean Welty's "Valley Faith in Action" [click to read] program to discuss "UN Pits Children's 'Rights' vs. Parents' Rights & U.S. Law." The program will air Friday and Sunday on WAZT-TV.

ht/SWAC Girl

Fire Tower
The fire tower on Elliott Knob.

Blackrock, in Shenandoah National Park.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Trees in the Mist

A Wet Spring Day in Staunton

Bradford Pears bloom on Statler Boulevard in Staunton.

Nuclear Nemesis

We Dare Not Ignore the Peril of a Nuclear Iran

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park.

It is a quiet morning as the sun breaks forth over Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. I was visiting one of the two places where an atomic bomb was actually detonated as an act of war. Years later the place still evokes powerful feelings.

I think sadly of the mother who told her child she'd have to wait before they opened a tin of tangerines, a cherished delicacy, because it was wartime and things were scarce. When the bomb exploded the child perished and the mother lived. The woman would place an opened tin of tangerines at the daughter's grave every day for years following.

It is a place where it is easy to pray. Indeed one feels compelled to pray. There are those who would unleash this teror again in the name of Jihad. We must not let them!

Hall of Industry
Hall of Industry, which survived the blast.

Linden Tree
Linden trees grow around the ruined building.

A raven greeted me from the fountain.

Apocalyptic Dystopia

The Islamic Revolution Started Thirty Years Ago Yesterday

The Ayatollah returns.

Joel Rosenberg writes:

"Thirty years later, the question is: Does the Obama administration understand who the leaders of Iran are today? Do they understand the eschatology -- or End Times theology -- held by the current Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and how such deeply-held religious beliefs are driving Iranian foreign policy and military doctrine? Do they understand that Iran's current leaders believe they have been chosen by G-d to bring about the end of the world, that this is why they are h-ll-bent on acquiring or building nuclear weapons?"

Descriptions of Dystopia

George Orwell, A Prophet?

Yesterday I discovered an interesting fact. Not many people read Orwell anymore. He's added terms to our cultural language such as "Big Brother" and "doublespeak" but he gets assigned to college students who promptly write blogs about the "invasive searches in the name of terorism by the Bush administration." The universal warning is lost if we don't look critically at the whole phenomenom of government overreach.
It doesn't matter who's doing the overreaching. A change of administration can mean that the ability to rule by executive order changes from a "good thing" to a "bad thing."
Goerge Orwell's 1984 [click to read] is a book I challenge everybody to read -- especially in light of modern current events.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

President's Address in London

Address at 1300 GMT from Conference with Gordon Brown

"President Obama, you've given new hope not only to the citizens of the United States, but to all the citizens of the World" -- Gordon Brown, Welcoming Remarks

"It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen."

The President has just begun speaking...

Good morning proles! This is your president, Barack Hussein Obama, otherwise known as "Big O" speaking. Winston Smith, if you want to get along with me don't go to Washington. I won!
This morning some changes I have initiated by executive order have taken place. America has now taken its proper place in the new state of Oceana and I, Big Brother, will address you every morning on your computer. A new Google 'Big Brother Algorithm' has been installed in your computer through the Google Toolbar update. Mrs. Clinton, director of the Ministry of Peace, has created a cookie that is now permenantly installed in your computer. Do not attempt to delete or quarantine this cookie as Mrs. Clinton is finally quite content to sit at home and send you cookies all the time.
Your computer now functions as a Telescreen. I can see what you are doing. I'm monitoring your energy consumption and you'll get your bill for carbon credits shortly. I'm looking at what websites you visit,your bumper stickers and what flags you have in your house.
Tim Geitner, director of the Ministry of Plenty, has instituted a date change on the World's computers. I inherited SUCH a mess from the previous administration that we've decided to roll back the World's calendar date to eliminate it. We'll take it out of the history books too. We wanted to go back thirty years to catch the glorious last days of the Carter administration but our techs could only take us back to the end of Reagan's first term.
Mr. Geitner can achieve his goals by the implementation of Oceana's new mathmatical rule: 2+2=5. That is how I'll shrink the defecit in my first term -- the same way Tim figures his taxes.
But better accounting methods and energy tax revenues alone won't solve our bleak financial crisis [that I inherited from the previous administration]. We all have to come together. Tomorrow morning I'll tell you about the Prole Tax!

It seems Mr. Clinton also was given a pre-release copy of the speech and was very upset that I erased his entire legacy. However all is well now that Mr. Clinton has been named head of the newly formed Ministry of Truth.
I'm letting him keep the FBI Files [click to read] too!
To all of you in the Eastern Time Zone, Your Two Minutes of Hate will be provided this morning at 11:00 By Farfur the Mouse, Fatah Television and Reverend Jeremiah Wright, director of the Ministry of Love.
It's time for my Citizen Army to do exercises.... Bob, come out from behind that wall! One two three four... Hey!, you're using your WIFE's weights, aren't you?
Remember, I'm Watching!