Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hard Days for the First Amendment

Attempts to Chill Free Speech, Local and National:

Hundreds of thousands of marchers passed by the First Amendment etched in stone on September 12.

Don't Challenge County Assessments

At least that is the message being sent to attorney Francis Chester, who's attempt to roll back property values to 2005 levels was thrown out of court. Now the county wants to sanction him over the lawsuit. County officials should chill on this one. Residents and businesses faced the possibility of massive tax increases as assessors applied the spiked values of 2006 and largely ignored the subsequent fall of values. Although the rate was reduced there was no guarantee that this would happen. Mr. Chester's challenge was a reasonable exercise of First Amendment rights given the circumstances surrounding the assessment process this time.

Don't Read the Fine Print

HR 3200 was over a thousand pages and yet we were told that it had to be pushed through in record time. There wasn't time to read it. When we did get a chance to read it we were shocked to see the framework for rationing, including illegal aliens and many other problems. When Joe Wilson dared to point out the President's prevarication it was Wilson who was raked over the coals.

'Hate Crimes,' ENDA and the 'Fairness Doctrine'

These all have chilling effect on people exercising their rights. The party in power is the sole determiner of who is 'threatened' by certain ideas, who you might be required to hire even though they disagree with your moral standards and who on the radio needs to be 'balanced out.'

In a letter to the Democrat Base, Bill Clinton asserts: "...the Republican base is energized. Using ultra-conservatives like Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin..." Rush always makes the list. Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck do most of the time too. The point is that they consider certain voices "dangerous" and will use just about any legal technicality they can to silence them. They've used Limbaugh's statement: "I want everything he's doing to fail" as a stand alone quote, forgetting the fact that he's speaking of the largest expansion of government oversight ever envisioned.

So who's protecting our rights and freedoms? The American Civil Liberties Union claims to. In a letter to their base, the ACLU talks about "restoring our liberties and renewing American freedom." Sounds good, but read on: Their big priorities are as follows:

1. Ending U.S. involvement in warrantless eavesdropping on Americans. [apparently they forget the dangers we face from terrorists and the fact that their icon, JFK used it extensively, even considering Dr. Martin Luther King a potential threat].

2. Ending U.S. taxpayer support for "faith-based initiatives" that provide public funding for programs that practice religious discrimination. [problem is Faith based programs are effective, and those in prisons, for example, actually SAVE taxpayer dollars because of their strikingly lower recitivism rates].

3.Bringing the Patriot Act in line with the Constitution.

4. Ending government funding of abstinence-only programs. [why? they are effective and many parents WANT them].

5. Challenging restrictions on same-sex marriage and other forms of discrimination against LGBT people. [most States have voted to retain the traditional definition of marriage and that is what the majority wants, not restrictions on other forms of partnership].

6. Reversing policies that have thrown batrriers and restrictions in the path of women seeking to exercise their reproductive freedom. [that's a mouthful but it simply means ending any restrictions on abortion and making it a 'right'].

Also the letter waxes long about agressively investigating the Bush administration. Nowhere could I find a word about protecting our religious liberties or the freedom of our radio stations to broadcast unfettered by any 'fairness doctrine.' Nowhere did I see a committment to protect pastors' rights to free speech.

The ACLU was founded ninety years ago by Roger Baldwin. He was a socialist thinker who said things like: "America must follow the example of Stalin's Soviet Union where greater freedoms exist than anywhere else in the world". Wow, I never would have known from the history I read! Knowing America would never follow the path to 'social u[dys]topia because of her Judeo-Christian foundations, Baldwin set out to diminish the influence of Christianity in America.

For 80 years the ACLU has twisted the Constitution to exclude Christianity from the public square and the public discourse. That sense of mission is what drives the endless stream of lawsuits against prayer and Christian expression. That is why your kid's 'religious' message is excluded from the poster contest. That's why the school 'Winter Holiday' assembly is devoid of sacred traditional music. Thankfully there is the Alliance Defense Fund [click to read] which was founded to counter this destructive movement.

Her Passion Speaks for Millions

Today on Rush Limbaugh's show a woman named Susan called. Her passion and frustration were evident over a president and Congress who seem determined NOT to hear the voice of the American people. Rush let her talk for ten minutes and then only interrupted her for the required commercial break. Then he brought her back for more. She lamented that there seemed to be nothing she could do.

May I suggest that Susan's ten minutes are what the First Amendment is all about.

A lot of us were listening to our radios and we stopped what we were doing to follow her more closely. She spoke for all of us.

Listen to Susan [click to listen] at

Highland Meadows

20th Century Architecture Explores the Village

Highland Meadows
Traditional materials in contemporary massing.

These are actually some photos I took in the Spring of this year. Behind the Higland Inn is a village designed by Charlottesville architects Peter Waldman and William Sherman. Only a few of the houses were actually built.

Highland Meadows
Houses were staggered for maximum sunlight...

Highland Meadows
...and featured detatched garage/shop buildings.

Highland Meadows
Natural light fills the living space and loft rooms.

Highland Meadows

Highland Meadows

This rendering shows the entire project as originally envisioned.

Highland Meadows
"We conceived this addition to the town in such a way that an essential characteristic, the relationship of the community to the surrounding agricultural landscape is preserved." -- Architect's Statement

Walk of Honor

Highland County Remembers Her Veterans

The Walk of Honor in front of the courthouse...

Walk of Honor
...each brick bears the name of someone who served.

Confederate Monument
A Confederate soldier stands in front of the courthouse.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Wrigley Building

Another Chicago Landmark...

Wrigley Building
Chicago produced a large body of beautiful architecture.

Here are More Chicago Landmarks [click to read].

This is NOT Who to Pray To...

...Nature Abhors a Vacuum.

Remove G-d from the Public Square
and Look What Fills It!

Watch the Video [click to watch] from Briebart TV.

The Gamaliel Foundation is a community organizing group that helped sponsor Barack Obama's initial work in Chicago. The Gamaliel National Clergy Caucus held "a New Orleans style funeral procession as they deliver a casket symbolizing the death of old ways of providing health care and pray for a new day for health care in America." It isn't totally clear if they are praying to Obama but it is a bit scary.

A painting of President Obama with 'religious' overtones.

Update: More Background from Michelle Malkin [click to read].

Chicago's Teen Violence Epidemic

The City Faces Yet Another Challenge

Michelle Malkin Reports [click to read].

My son has done his practical Christian ministry experience helping to lead a Bible class in a Juvenile Detention Center in Chicago. Our prayer should be that the same life-changing message that renewed the city before will take root again.

Sears Tower
Sears Tower as seen from the Moody campus.

Keep Your Tax Dollars from Funding Abortion

Call These Senators Today...

More from Michelle Malkin [click to read].

Sen. Max Baucus’s, D-Mont., proposed health-care bill includes specific language that would allow abortion to be subsidized with taxpayer funds.

Recently, Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, has introduced several amendments that would prevent any government funding of abortions and protect current conscience laws for health care workers…

…If you would like to take part in this vital effort to keep your tax dollars from funding abortion in health care, please call these Senators:

Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.): 202-224-5521
Sen. Thomas Carper (D-Del.): 202-224-2441
Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.): 202-224-2043
Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.): 202-224-4843
Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.): 202-224-5274
Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine): 202-224-5344

Update: Email for the Senators Who's Phones were "Busy" Today:

Sen. Olympia Snowe [click to email]
Sen. Bill Nelson [click to email]
Sen. Blanche Lincoln [click to email]

Around the Inn

The Visual Joys of the Highland Inn

Highland Inn Porch
Porch detail.

Moonflowers on the porch railing...

...are a joy to see in bloom.

Highland Inn
Visual rewards abound...

Cherry Tomatos do flavorful ones. Cherry tomatos on the porch.

Rooftops of Monterey
Autumn rooftops of Monterey.

Misty Morning in Monterey

The Roads in All Direstions Dissapeared into Fog

Misty Morning in Monterey
The road to Staunton.

Misty Morning in Monterey
The breakfast crowd began arriving at High's Restaurant...

Misty Morning in Monterey
...soon after the "open" sign was lit.

Misty Morning in Monterey

Misty Morning in Monterey

The Power of Prayer

More to Pray for...

We just received an update from a young lady we know who is a missionary to Thailand. She's battling ovarian cancer and fighting bravely through the side effects of chemotherapy. Pray that her story will speak the love of G-d into her Thai community.

The Power of Prayer

Our Greatest Resource is Found on the Road Unseen

Sometimes it seems as though life is just too big. We've learned of many friends with health concerns, some pretty dire by human reckoning, yet we go to our Lord and we've seen His touch in their situations. Lynn has shared two urgent prayer requests at Her Blog [click to read] and we join in those prayers. Please join in prayer for Chris Klicka and Vickie Farris.

Prayer for Iran [click to read]. Advancing Native Missions sent us a beautiful Thirty Day Prayer Guide for Iran. You can request your own copy Here [click to read].

Iran is in the headlines a lot lately as they test long range missles and their radical Muslim leadership lays down challenges to the world. But did you know that the Iranian people are not all like that. They are not Arabs, but Indo-European people. Their language is Farsi, not Arabic.

In her later years my Mother taught the physics labs at Howard Community College and one of her students was a young Iranian. The year was 1979 and this young man came to Mom's office very frightened when the revolution occurred. The clerics did not speak for him any more than the ruling party in Washington speaks for me today. Mom's friendship helped him through this difficult time.

There are many more Iranians like that young man. We can befriend them by praying for them and learning about them.

Monday, September 28, 2009

THYME Magazine

Citizen Journalism with a Better Flavor

THYME Magazine
Volume I, Issue IV

It seems that two great myths impede human progress. First there is the myth that generations before us did not struggle with the things we struggle with today. Human nature hasn't changed in the thousands of tears of history and the lessons of history show that great progress has often been made as noble persons have faced the challenge head on. The second myth, one so much promoted today, is that mankind is ever evolving to some higher level and if we just get the institutions [such as government] right, we're all living in utopia.

Both myths are dangerous because they ignore the ever present struggle of our nobler aspirations over our tendency toward depravity. It is a battle in which 'Eternal vigilence is the price of liberty.' Honest history shows us this struggle. Dennis Prager writes that Every Generation is Tested by a Great Evil [click to read] and the story is in how we respond to that evil. The history of the great city of Chicago bears this out.

"It would appear that every generation confronts a major moral test. A great evil presents itself as a good, and the world that is not victimized by that evil is tested: Can it recognize the evil and confront it?The pattern is eerily and depressingly repetitive.

1. The evil takes hold.

2. The evil has myriad defenders even among otherwise decent people.

3. The evil is vanquished after destroying an uncountable number of lives.

4. After the evil is vanquished, there is virtually unanimous agreement that it was indeed evil."

Chicago's corruption is the stuff of legends, yet there has been great progress in the face of great tragedy. Chicago has known both Al Capone [click to read] and Frank Loesch [click to read], the man who brought him to justice.

"When I was a small boy, I attended church every Sunday at a big Gothic Presbyterian bastion in Chicago. The preaching was powerful and the music was great. But for me, the most awesome moment in the morning service was the offertory, when twelve solemn, frock-coated ushers marched in lock-step down the main aisle to receive the brass plates for collecting the offering. These men, so serious about their business of serving the Lord in this magnificent house of worship, were the business and professional leaders of Chicago.

One of the twelve ushers was a man named Frank Loesch. He was not a very imposing-looking man, but in Chicago he was a living legend, for he was the man who had stood up to Al Capone. In the prohibition years, Capone's rule was absolute. The local and state police and even the Federal Bureau of Investigation were afraid to oppose him. But single-handedly, Frank Loesch, as a Christian layman and without any government support, organized the Chicago Crime Commission, a group of citizens that was determined to take Mr. Capone to court and put him away. During the months that the Crime Commission met, Frank Loesch's life was in constant danger. There were threats on the lives of his family and friends. But he never wavered. Ultimately, he won the case against Capone and was the instrument for removing this blight from the city of Chicago. Frank Loesch had risked his life to live out God's call on his life.

Each Sunday at this point in the service, my father, a Chicago businessman himself, never failed to poke me and silently point to Frank Loesch with pride. Sometimes I'd catch a tear in my father's eye. For my dad, and for all of us, this was and is what authentic Christian living is all about." -- Bruce Larson

Chicago River
The Chicago River.

The story of Chicago includes the tragic Chicago Fire and the great revivals brought by a simple shoe salesman, D.L. Moody [click to read] who butchered the king's English but led many to the high calling of Faith. Chicago saw more than its share of corruption but it also saw great innovation as in the great World's Fair [click to read] and the architecture of Lous Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright. She has survived Fire, sewage issues, corruption and financial collapse.

Chicago Skyline
Chicago Skyline.

Three Headlights
Preston Tucker's Unique Automobile
was made in Chicago.

Not all of Chicago's stories have happy endings. Consider car maker Preston Tucker [click to read], who saw his innovative company squashed by a government attorney. Yet Detroit would do well to look to the innovation that was surpressed in the past as it looks to position itself for the future.

Moody Bible Institute
Inscription on the wall of Moody Bible
Institute's Chicago Campus. The Institute,
which trains Christian workers for service
around the world, is part of the legacy of
the great evangelist.

Let the Games Begin

Michelle Malkin on Chicago's Quest [click to read] to host the Olympics.

Counting the Cost [click to read]. Forbes Magazine has this reality check for cities aspiring to host the next Olympics.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Greetings from Chicago

My Son, From the 17th Floor...

Chicago Sun
Chicago Sun, Photo by S. Kirchman

My Son sent the following quote from General Douglas MacArthur:

"Youth is not a period of time. It is a state of mind, a result of the will, a quality of the imagination, a victory of courage over timidity, of the taste for adventure over the love of comfort. A man doesn't grow old because he has lived a certain number of years. A man grows old when he deserts his ideal. The years may wrinkle his skin,but deserting his ideals wrinkles his soul. Preoccupations, fears, doubts, and despair are the enemies which slowly bow us toward earth and turn us into dust before death. You will remain young as long as you are open to what is beautiful, good, and great; receptive to the messages of other men and women, of nature, and of God. If one day you should become bitter, pessimistic, and gnawed by despair, may God have mercy on your old man's soul."

His girlfriend sent the following:

"People like you and I, though mortal of course like everyone else, do not grow old no matter how long we live...[We] never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born." -Albert Einstein

Thank You! Thoughts like these are the best birthday presents. I sure don't FEEL older.

Highland County

The Great Divide

Dividing Waters Farm
In this valley one stream flows North to the Potomac and another stream flows South to the James. Both begin on "Dividing Waters Farm."

Dividing Waters Farm
Rain drops hitting the North side of this barn roof flow to the Potomac. Those hitting the South side flow to the James.

Getaway to the Highland Inn

A Rainy Day in Monterey

The Highland Inn
The Highland Inn

Saturday, September 26, 2009

World Leader for the 21st Century

Israel's Genius Goes Largely Unreported
[and That's Our Loss]

George Gilder Writes of Silicon Israel [click to read] in City Journal.

"The most precious resource in the world economy is human genius, which we may define as the ability to devise significant inventions that enhance survival and prosperity. At any one time, genius is embodied in just a few score thousand people, a creative minority that accounts for most human accomplishment and wealth. Cities and nations rise and thrive when they welcome entrepreneurial and technical genius; when they overtax, criminalize, or ostracize it, they wither."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Judge them by their Deeds...

...Not Their Words

Newspapers from The Roanoke Times to The Virginian-Pilot to The Richmond Times-Dispatch to the Waynesboro News Virginian have lambasted Deeds for running an “overwhelmingly negative” campaign, airing “deceitful” television spots, promoting an “outright lie”, and for the fact that he has “put forward absolutely no concrete set of proposals on any of the critical issues in this race, not transportation, not education, not economic development ... not a one."

Over and over, the "folksy voice" tells you that "Bob Mcdonnell is going to raise your taxes." But look here: In an op-ed piece for The Washington Post Wednesday, Bob's opponent finally came clean with voters that his first act if elected will be to raise taxes on Virginians. You can't fault a guy for doing what you think is right! The Washington Post editorial page noted, “R. Creigh Deeds, the Democrat running for governor in Virginia, has now unequivocally committed himself to support higher taxes…,” The Washington Post (September 24, 2009).

How about using the "folksy voice" to let us know your vision for the Commonwealth. Here's a novel idea: Let's make this Governor's race about IDEAS. ht/Ed Gillespie

It's hard to endorse a moving target.

THYME Magazine

Citizen Journalism with a Better Flavor

If Iran the Circus
Volume I, Issue III

Special Edition: Madness in Manhattan

The UN hosted a bizarre collection of world leaders this week. Here is a sampler courtesy of Jewish World Review:

If I Ran the Circus [click to read] from Dave Weinbaum. "Community Organizer of the World Obama"

If Iran's the Circus, Libya is the Freak Show [click to read].

Jonah Goldberg on the President's Speech [click to read].

But, There Were a Couple of Clear Voices at the Unided Nations [click to read].

When Binyamin Netanyahu spoke, he spoke for me. Having read just enough history to be dangerous, I recognize certain very real threats in the world. The 'disarmament summit' presided over by President Obama looked to me like taking two asprin when you're having a brain annurism. The problem is the clear and present danger of mad tyrants with nukes they can deliver. I have only found two world leaders who acknowledge this, Netanyahu and Sarkozy.

Imagine that! The President of France taking a tougher stance than the President of the United States! It is a Mad Mad World!

United Against Nuclear Iran [click to read]. Sign the Petition.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally Some Clarity and Sanity

Binyamin Netanyahu Addresses the UN

Netanyahu Lays Down the Gauntlet [click to read]. Joel Rosenberg.

Here's the Full Text [click to read] of Mr. Netanyahu's speech.

Sarkozy Calls for Immediate Action [click to read].

Autumn Beginning

Fall Flowers

Hostas blooming in Autumn.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer Ending

Scenes from the Last Day of Summer

Summer Ends
The Sun rises through changing leaves.

Summer Ends
Oak leaf.

Summer Ends

Summer Ends

Today I was a guest at the Bethel Presbyterian Church preschool. They always invite me for "B" week to tell "Bear" stories. Actually I only get the invitation because my wife teaches there. Still, it is a great thing to see all those young faces, so eager to learn.

Yankee Phil posted a link to a school with A Different Sort of 'B' Week [click to watch] from Michelle Malkin. After my morning with the kids, it made me ill.

Teller of Tall Tales

A Lie Lays Better in a Downhome, Folksy Sort of Voice

The News Virginian Offers This Perspective [click to read] on the latest set of... ummm... 'misrepresentations' in the Virginia Governor's race. On WNLR, the Christian radio station, the steady stream of ads characterizing Bob McDonnell as the 'tax and spend' candidate continues. This in spite of the fact that the substance of the ads has been gutted by responsible journalism. Actually, this is probably a nice waste of money since most of the station's listeners actually like the fact that McDonnell is a real social conservative and his true fiscal record indicates he would be a good choice for Governor.
Also they would be likely to remember the tendency of Democratic candidates as they rise closer to national level politics, to embrace the 'wisdom' of its left leaning leaders [1.]. They run in local races as Pro-life, but as soon as they hit the national stage they suddenly find themselves 'Pro-choice,' not wanting to suffer the fate of Pennsylvania's Governor Casey. Casey, you may remember, held to his Pro-life beliefs as Governor and was 'rewarded' for his integrity by being denied the opportunity to speak at the Democratic National Convention.
Remember that candidate Obama talked a good centrist message and when elected veered left almost as soon as the promise to be President to 'those who didn't vote for me too.' had left his lips. We need to ignore the folksy announcer and look at the real record of those we would place in public office. ht/SWAC Girl

THYME Magazine

Citizen Journalism with a Better Flavor

Vol. I Issue II

Special Edition: Welcome Back Carter

Honestly, I was going to give it a rest but when I went over to my in-laws this morning the President was on the television saying something about "having the audacity to call one sliver of land the 'Holy Land.' No, I didn't stay to listen. I already know that the President is reading out of the Jimmy Carter Peace Plan Playbook [click to read]. If you haven't read Jimmy Carter's History Lesson [click to read] I urge you to read it now. Appeasement has a history of NOT working. What is different now?

Missle Madness

Dropping the Missle Shield is Madness [click to read]. Better get used to good allies not returning your calls.


When your general tells you straight-up that he needs 40,000 men to win this thing, the correct response is NOT "What, ME Worry!" Need I say more?

Mr. President, do you remember a place called Vietnam? You could be remembered for what you decide to do in Afghanistan. If history is any indication, you will.

On the Home Front

Here's a bit of wisdom from First Amendment scholar Nat Hentoff:

"An adage that took me many years to understand is that "what the government gives, it can take away." That's why an essential individual responsibility of American citizenship is to keep a close eye on your government at all times."

Here Mr Hentoff Makes that Point [click to read]. This is chilling, but so true.

So, why the headlong rush to make government the distributer of healthcare and the designer of cars?

Also, why the push to demonize those Americans who are voicing legitimate concerns?

Take a Look [click to read] at some of the Americans who are concerned and have legitimate questions.

The economic policies of FDR have already been called in question.

The Free Market did NOT Cause the Great Depression [click to read]. Lawrence Reed makes it clear that policies being pursued today are similar to the ones that prolonged the agony. Yet there is a whole push to demonize capitalism. Even a new 'Filmfomercial' from Michael Moore does just that. Yet Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz are seldom quoted and we are left to think [wrongly] that FDR pulled us through.

It is clear that the President would love to fold the great American experiment into the more Socialist EU. His 'discomfort' with victory and American Exceptionalism speaks volumes. The speed with which he wants unread legislation passed should make anyone skeptical. Now is the time to argue substance, not propriety.

Here is the 'companion' TIME Issue [click to read]. I was told that since many Conservatives don't bother to look at the 'Professional' weekly news magazine anymore, someone might miss the full impact of my 'cover commentary.' Here is Rush's Cover Idea [click to read] for TIME.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

THYME Magazine

Citizen Journalism with a Better Flavor

Volume I, Issue I

The 'Time' has Come

When professional journalists ignore important stories, such as the beliefs of 'Green Jobs Czar' Van Jones, someone has to step up to the plate. When major media outlets such as the Washington Post push 'their' man in the Virginia Governor's race, we think 'THYME's' time has come. Please enjoy the first issue.

A 'Blessing for the Czar'

"May the Lord bless... and keep the Czar... far away from us!" -- Rebbe in 'Fiddler on the Roof'

Seeing some of the 'qualifications' of some of the President's men, one is tempted to claim that blessing for oneself. Consider Cass Sunstien, University of Chicago law professor and Obama Czar appointee. Sunstien is a big-time animal rights advocate. He believes animals should have the right to legal representation. Talk about clogging up the courts with frivolous lawsuits! My dog Lucy could keep him busy for a year. Sunstien believes hunting should be banned.

Now it shouldn't be surprising that Obama is giving a place at the table to the far left, but he 'promised' to reach out to the half of the country that didn't vote for him. Mr. President, what does fulfilling that promise actually LOOK like?

Virginia Governor's Race: 'Debate Thyself?'

You've got to hand it to Creigh Deeds for creativity. This is the first time I've EVER heard of a candidate wanting to debate HIMSELF! Considering statements that Deeds has already made that he 'won't/will' raise certain taxes, his debate with himself could actually be interesting. Also, his folksy commercials trying to brand Bob McDonnell as the 'tax and spend' candidate qualify as 'high grade Kabuki.' But read on. Phil Cox reports:

With six weeks to go until Election Day, a lot hangs in the balance. While we always expected this race to tighten in the final weeks, we didn’t expect Creigh Deeds would sink to such incredible lows.

Deeds is now running blatantly false, negative attack ads with “facts” that have even been debunked by the Washington Post. The Lynchburg News & Advance called his recent ad on electricity rates “an outright lie” and the Virginian-Pilot trained its sights on another, editorializing that, “Deeds has deliberately concocted disingenuous and deceitful ads because he thinks voters are too stupid to know better.”

Creigh Deeds also made a last minute demand to NOT appear on stage with Bob McDonnell at a community candidate forum tomorrow at Virginia Union University. He insisted he appear alone instead.

Six weeks is not much time, but unfortunately, it’s plenty of time for Deeds to continue to engage in tactics to mislead voters.

Bad Timing?

The President's announcement that we will NOT be providing a missle shield to Poland and Czechoslovakia coming on the eve of the anniversary of the Soviet occupation of Poland? What kind of statement is that?

A Journey to Washington: The March

As Seen by Those Who Were There [click to read].

Life in Iraq:

As Seen by Those Who Are There [click to read]. SWAC Girl

Nate's Photos and descriptions of life in Iraq.

Liberals to Boycott South Carolina, Let's Go There!

Yes, they're upset at Joe Wilson and talking about boycotting the state's tourist industry. Just imagine!... those beautiful beaches and mountains... and none of those 'Obama' stickers. Pack up the SUV and plan your South Carolina Vacation now.

South Carolina Department of Tourism [click to read].

Here is the 'companion' TIME Issue [click to read]. I was told that since many Conservatives don't bother to look at the 'Professional' weekly news magazine anymore, someone might miss the full impact of my 'cover commentary.' Here is Rush's Cover Idea [click to read] for TIME.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Glenn Beck

Good for America... Bad for the Left

Harry Stein in City Journal [click to read].

Mad Man
In the same vein as "Is Rush Limbaugh Good for America," Time takes on Glenn Beck...

Angry Mob
...timed to "explain" the march on Washington.

Yellowstone Falls

Celebrating the American West

Yellowstone Falls
Yellowstone Falls, Painting by Bob Kirchman