Tuesday, February 24, 2009

About the Photos

An Ongoing Tribute to A. Aubry Bodine

Parkway Icicles
Blue Ridge Parkway in Winter.

There was a time when the Baltimore Sun Sunday Magazine was a thing of beauty. Pictoralist Photographer A. Aubrey Bodine [click to see more of his work] contributed to this beautiful publication for fifty years. It was known simply as 'the brown section.' Printed in sepia ink the magazine brought stunning images of Baltimore's marble stepped rowhouses, Chesapeake bay sunrises, and such events as stone masons building the Baltimore Cathedral.

Thus my work attempts to capture the same feeling as I observe the beautiful Valley of Virginia. I really miss the Brown Section. Today's Sunday magazines rarely transcend the reporting of popular diet fads and celebreties. It's a shame. Thus it is by design that some photography is included here. If you are interested, I plan to sell some prints at www.decovicari.com in the near future.

Fire Fighter
Firefighter, Charlottesville Virginia.

Cement Finisher
Cement Finisher, Ivy Virginia. -- from a series: "Imagio Deo."

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