Monday, February 9, 2009

No Stimulus Ralley in Richmond 02/10/09

Take a Ride to Turn the Tide

We’re coming down to the wire on this Pelosi/Reid/Obama trillion dollar spending bill and I'm asking you to join me at a rally in Richmond This Afternoon to put pressure on our two Virginia senators -- Mark Warner and Jim Webb.

And beyond just putting pressure on these two senators to vote NO, by attending the rally you'll send a message to the media in attendance that there is a strong, energized grassroots movement rallying against the big government, pork barrel politics in Washington, DC.

State Capital Building
No Stimulus Rally at the Capitol

Here are the details on the NoStimulus event:

When: This Afternoon, Tuesday February 10, 2:00pm EST
Where: Richmond, Virginia on the grounds of the historic State Capitol (next to belltower, to be exact)
Address: 9th St and Grace St, Richmond, VA
Parking: Plenty of parking is available within a block of the State Capitol grounds

For more info: Call our national Americans for Prosperity offices
at 202-349-5880 or reply back to this email.

Please email to let him know you can attend.

As you’ve probably seen, President Obama has hit the road with a series of campaign-style events to push the Pelosi-Reid-Obama debt and spending bill. Taxpayers like you and me need to fire back not just in Washington, DC, but all over the nation with big crowds who will stand up and say NO to this trillion-dollar scam!

So many folks on the Big Government side have claimed victory in this battle after last Friday’s wheeling and dealing in the Senate. They claim their so-called “compromise” will bring real savings -- but the Senate version cost $827 billion -- a full $8 billion higher than Nancy Pelosi’s bill passed by the House. The only thing they’ve compromised is your family’s economic wellbeing.

Here is the likely schedule of events for this week in Washington. Starting at noon today the Senate began debating the so-called Nelson-Collins amendment. At 5:30 P.M. today, a vote on whether or not to allow a final vote on this legislation is scheduled and we need 40 senators to vote NO.

If we lose this vote, then a final Senate vote on Nelson-Collins is expected for noon on Tuesday. Once again, we will need 40 senators to vote NO. If we lose this vote, then the battle is still not over because the Senate and House bills will have to go to conference to work out differences in the two bills. We will have a chance to defeat the legislation at this point--more on that later this week if we lose the Senate votes.

But first things first. Please try to join us in Richmond tomorrow. Ask your friends and family to attend -- even if you cannot!

They think we're going to give up and stop fighting back. But you and I know better.

Main Street Station
Richmond's Main Street Station.

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