Friday, February 20, 2009

Bridge to Nowhere?

It's Really a $790 Billion Tunnel to France!

Tunnel to France...

Here's how to think of the stimulus money. If it were truly just wasted spending like the famous 'bridge to nowhere' it would be bad enough, but this project has a definite destination in mind. Consider the healthcare bureaucracy that was inserted in the bill no one had time to actually read. The foundations for nationalized healthcare and rationing were in the bill.

Or consider the money for new cars for bureaucrats and new buildings for bureaucrats. Money for ACORN is included to make sure everyone is looking to the government.

But here's where it might get interesting. A lot of France's really good infrastructure is actually built and managed by private companies. True the government acts as a giant procurement agency but it has come to the top that government does a pretty lousy job of actually running these things. We're actually following a European model in how the Dulles Toll Road is run. A private contractor operates the collection of tolls.

Oh, by the way, they did elect Nicolas Sarkozy!

So here we are beginning our trip through the tunnel to France. It's a long journey from here, which is good. The scenery never changes as we press on deeper and deeper. There is plenty of time for American ingenuity to kick in and decide the trip isn't all its cracked up to be. In other words we may be able to abandon this project before the whole sum is spent!

We Might Even Have a Revolution! Didn't we sever our ties with Britian over less?

It's a nice thought. Personally I like riding in a 747 a whole lot better.

The scenery never changes...

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